Whilst looking for desserts to extend our palates and keep our bodies healthy, we ran into the mastermind behind MYLK, Lorena Loriato.

What do you love about being a chef at MYLK: An Alternative Destination?
MYLK has a special place in my heart. I feel so grateful about how this beautiful project welcomed me a year ago and how we learned and grew together. You know, we went through a pandemic together! We opened during the most difficult time, and despite all odds and the challenges (and trust me there have been many!) came out as a stronger team.

What makes MYLK an alternative to other dessert cafes in Qatar?
MYLK is indeed unique. What we offer is a range of ice creams, chocolates, and pastries you cannot find elsewhere in Qatar. Except for the croissants, everything at MYLK is gluten-free, and handmade. And when I say handmade, I mean that even the flours and the Mylks we use are prepared in our cosy little kitchen. Yes, from scratch. And everything is plant-based and free from refined sugar. Because even when it comes to pastry, you can choose an alternative option that will actually do good to you and nurture your body.

Your desserts always bring a smile to the faces of your customers, is there anything in particular you’d like them to experience when eating your creations?
I wish they’d understand that what they are experiencing when having a bite at MYLK is the genuine taste of the ingredients. Our strawberry gelato may not be pink because we do not add any colouring, but it tastes of strawberry. Sometimes sweet and sometimes a little less sweet because in nature fruit does not always come with the same level of sweetness. It is as simple as that. We give you the real deal of nature’s pastry.

Can you tell us about the inspiration for wanting to become a chef?
I’m just following the flow of my life. I was in the music industry before, organising live events. My background has nothing to do with food, if not for the fact that I suffered from bad eating disorders. When I understood that in order to deal with the enemy [food] I had to become friends with it, I started to heal. My inspiration lies in the opportunity to nourish others with natural ingredients and inspire them to take care of their body and soul.

When are you happiest at work?
When the team is happy.

Growing up, what was the first dessert you made?
Would you believe it if I told you that I never made a dessert growing up? It was something I could never accomplish. Really. I was 100-per-cent useless at that. However, when I approached raw vegan food, it all came naturally, like magic. I just could.

How do you come up with such stunning and tasty creations? What’s the thought process?
The key is in the ingredients and in your imagination. First is how you imagine they could pair together, the conversations they could have together. Will they get along? Will they fight? Then you just place them in real life and play around with them.

What are some of your favourite flavour combinations?
Cacao and hazelnut, strawberry plus lemon zest, and basil.

Between the handmade Mylks, ice creams, chocolates, and cakes, which is your personal favourite?
Chocolate all the way!

What’s a must-have utensil in your kitchen?
A sharp knife.

Is there anything exciting and new coming to your menu or store we should know about?
Sure there is! Come visit us soon and you will find out. Life is sweet, but you can enjoy it savoury too. ✤