When you’ve got a busy weekend ahead, there really isn’t a better way to start than booking in a spa treatment. FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan made time for some pampering at Saray Spa, Marriott Marquis City Centre Doha, before she embarked on a crazy few days…

You’d be surprised at the number of times that you’ll find me at Marriott Marquis City Centre Doha Hotel. You name a restaurant that I haven’t tried there or a burger that does not have my name on it, and I will give you a hundred riyals just to take me by surprise if something new comes up. So, it was simply fitting when a friend mentioned that her recent trip to Saray Spa had been phenomenal. Umm, Saray Spa? Apparently, it was the one place at this property that I hadn’t tried!

I got myself booked in for a massage and simply asked the team to ‘take good care of me, I’m in trouble’. A busy weekend with work and family always stresses me out and this was the ideal fix that I could think of to forget the monster of a weekend I had ahead. I was a tad bit late to the appointment and was immediately called by the staff to double check if I was cancelling. Efficiency, check! I was introduced to Ayu, my therapist, who promised to make the next 90 minutes one of the best and most relaxing experiences of my life.

Saray Spa is dimly lit, mostly by candles, and you will feel the peaceful environment make it easier for you to unwind. The rooms are cosy, the tranquil lounge has different teas that you can try and the experts at this place are going to treat you like you’re the only person in the world – the type of attention you need at a spa!

I’ve been to a lot of spas across town and every single one has their own regime. At Saray Spa, Ayu dipped my feet in warm water, asked me to inhale the lavender oil in her hands, as she practiced a few yogi breathing techniques with me. Slowly talking to me in a calm voice, I omitted all the bad omens from my body and freshened my mind. With the light music that was in the background and Ayu’s expert guidance, I could literally imagine myself in a garden of fresh flowers, seeking jasmines as I felt the fresh air envelope my lungs. Imagination sure finds its way when you’re desperate for some time off!

From the knots in the back to the soft strokes on my feet, Ayu relaxed me to the extent that I fell asleep almost immediately! I asked for the temperature to be adjusted according to my liking and since the tricky weather made it so unpredictable, I felt a little chill during the massage. Both times Ayu made adjustments to make sure I was comfortable and then prepped me for another quick nap. Huge shout out to the exemplary head massage she gave that made me wish I would not need to leave the massage bed.

I love how this spa is a classic and you just simply know what you’re going in for. The service and team make sure that every one of your needs is catered to in a detailed form that you will fill in on arrival.

So, next time you are longing to escape the hustle and bustle of Doha, Saray Spa is the place you need to book yourself into for guaranteed rejuvenation for the mind, body and soul. ✤