Snore No More

Reduce snoring and significantly improve overall sleep quality using Motion Pillow’s latest AI assisted technology.

Motion Pillow is a scientifically designed pillow that innovatively incorporates built-in airbags and features a special AI-powered Motion System technology.

The pillow is equipped with a microphone to detect any snoring sounds and employs a specific pressure sensor to determine the user’s head position. On detecting any snoring, the smart Motion System gradually inflates the airbags positioned around the head gently and silently to slightly shift the head position to help alleviate snoring without disturbing the user’s sleep.

This calculated movement helps to calmly widen the user’s airway that becomes narrowed during sleep. The Motion Pillow aims to reduce snoring by gently rotating the head between 30 to 45 degrees. The pillow incorporates a patented noise-cancelling module within the Motion System which makes it nearly imperceptible to the user.

The Motion System uses an advanced AI algorithm to learn the user’s snoring patterns to then provide a personalised and effective solution. The snoring data is captured by and can be accessed via Bluetooth using a sleep data analysis app.

The CertiPUR-US certified memory foam pillow features an ergonomic C-curve design, specifically engineered to offer optimal support and comfort for the cervical spine. It is also entirely free of electronic components, which helps alleviate any worries regarding electromagnetic waves. ✤