Sing It Out

Want to send a greeting with a difference. Qatar now has it’s very own singing telegram service.

Sirène Singing Telegrams is the brainchild of Thomene Dilley, who regulars on the Qatar music scene will have spotted performing at The Clubhouse at the Golf Club and at The Londoner in Dusit Hotel and she will help you celebrate just about anything.

She explains: “I will cover any occasion – from birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and corporate events all the way to farewell parties, trade shows, private parties or grand openings! Relationship make-ups, family reunions, proposals, holiday parties and all special events. It could be ‘The-day-you-found-your-brown-socks-under-the-bed’ day and I will sing you a song about it! No request is too silly. I have a list of songs but any special requests can be accommodated with a decent notice period.”

And, if you want your telegram in costume, that’s possible too. “Marilyn Munroe, The Whacky Fairy, Diva Discobar and the WWII Jazz Diva are just some of the most requested,” says Thomene. But, if you have something special in mind, while naturally adhering to local laws and being respectful, well, as the lady said, no request is too silly. And you can even book add-ons such as balloons and flowers, every singing greeting is individually tailored. There’ll also be more singers joining the stable soon and a very special Arabic character.

Asked what prompted her to launch the service, Thomene explained: “I’ve always loved the element of surprise and I think a personalised message in the form of a fabulous song brings the excitement around any event or special occasion to life.

“We are so immersed in technology these days, with our noses constantly in our phones and other devices, we lose sight of real life and the beauty it presents around us. So, I have made it my business to get up in your business through singing telegrams to convey well wishes the old-fashioned way. The idea is to leave the recipient feeling appreciated with a song in their heart and a memory that lasts.” And, though Sirène Singing Telegrams is relatively new, Thomene has already had one request that she will always remember. A woman had found a sibling through DNA testing and her adoptive family booked a singing telegram to make sure she knew they supported her on her new journey. “I get to be a part of very personal and emotional moments with wonderful people and I feel it is such a privilege for me. That is all the more reason to be open to special requests so I can help honour these special memories,” says the singer.

Bookings are available from 9am to 9pm, Sunday to Thursday while Fridays and Saturdays are by request only. ✤