A first of its kind, Maktaba prides itself on being a place where children get inspired and fall in love with reading, learning and the acquisition of knowledge with their parents.

Aspace where imagination is welcomed in all forms and comes to life through role play, books, and programmes which are age appropriate, Maktaba aims to further cultivate the love of reading and learning among Qatar’s 300,000+ school age children.

Where the world is now relying on digital life to take over, Maktaba is bringing back the love of reading through academic, intellectual and creative goals at the library. Believing that every child has the capacity to reach their full potential, the library has programs that help children to develop the skills and confidence to achieve that potential.

A creative hub where children get to explore the world and use their creativity to reflect on their experiences, Maktaba encourages parents and children to come together to discover and define their interests in the most harmonious way possible. Providing the right type of information and outlets and further encouraging children to express themselves by fostering dialogue, Maktaba is a place where the child can express their natural intuition and interest in the most healthiest way possible.

Various programs such as shared story times and other library activities are arranged where you will find book in almost 7 languages that include board books, picture books, early readers, non-fiction, chapter books and young adult educational resources. The flagship children’s library is the first dedicated children’s lending library open to the public where there are over 5, 000+ books arriving every day.

One finds themselves enjoying the toddler majlis, soft and sensory play area, young readers room, discovery area with nonfiction collection and educational toys, kitchen for cooking activities and garden, music and movement, fine motor skill development, Spanish story time, craft mornings, sensory play for toddlers. Their afterschool programs include Science Sundays, comic book club, book clubs and craft afternoons. A visual art program that encourages children to be creative is also part of the initiative that Maktaba takes. Believing that art helps children develop their problem-solving abilities as they discover new ways to use tools and materials, the library focuses on giving children a voice and encourages them to express themselves visually. ✤

FAMILY: QR750 + QR250 deposit
Includes member activities, discount on paid activities, discount with our partners, three give-away day passes, three books check-out at a time.
FAMILY PLUS: QR1000 + 250 deposit
Includes member activities, discount on paid activities, discount with our partners, six give-away day passes, six books check-out at a time.