Community invited to sign up for talks, a book club and tours

Qatar Museums has launched several events and activities catering to a wide array of interests and artistic passions, to be hosted across its cultural institutions throughout October. Members of the community can look forward to a range of culturally enriching programmes designed to promote creativity and take art beyond four walls.

Museum of Islamic Art (MIA)
Bringing Islamic Science to Life at MIA Library (Arabic and English)
October 23, October 30 and November 6
12pm to 3pm

Youth aged 12 to 15 years of age are invited to attend this workshop at MIA Library during which MIA will bring the Golden Age of science into the future with the help of ibTECHar, a Qatar-based Edu-Tech startup. The workshop will explore medieval scientific developments such as clocks and locks. Participants will then have the opportunity to create their own using electronics, robotics and more.
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Kufic Calligraphy Painting at MIA Library           
October 11
3pm to 5pm

Youth aged 15 to 18 years of age are invited to this workshop. Many Qur’ans are written in Kufic calligraphy which is characterised by its bold and vertical letters.. In this workshop, the participants will learn about the history of the Kufic script, and then they will design and paint an intricate piece in the Kufic script.
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Traditional Storytelling at MIA Library (Arabic and English)
October 24
3pm to 4pm
In celebration of the Year of Culture Qatar-USA 2021, we are looking at different storytelling techniques, from Native American to Bedouin and the written stories of the Shahnameh.  See how different cultures share their stories and then choose a story from your own experience you would like to share with future generations.
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Planet Kids (Arabic and English)
October 26
4pm to 5:30pm

Children between 8 and 11 years of age are invited to join the Planet Kids Club, an online monthly story-time programme and discussion group that highlights activities relating to MIA’s sustainability initiatives.
Children will participate in a fun craft and learn more about museum objects. We will also share some popular tips on how to save our planet. Electricity is the theme for October.
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Majlis Book Club (Arabic and English)
October 27
5pm to 7pm
Join us to read and discuss a wide variety of books on topics linked to Islamic art history, museums and collections, and regional artistic themes. A new book is chosen for each new meeting, inspiring readers to exchange ideas and thoughts among the creative group and exploring the world of Islamic art from a new perspective.  This month’s book is Arabs: A 3,000-Year History of Peoples, Tribes and Empires.
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National Museum of Qatar (Arabic and English)
Family Saturday
October 9 and October 16
4pm to 6pm

Families are invited to learn about the Qatari gahfiya (traditional hat) through interactive hands-on activities. Participants will get a chance to learn about Al Thumama Stadium and its architecture inspired by the gahfiya.
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Let’s Discover the Museum Collection
October 10 and October 18 (English)
October 14 and October 21 (Arabic)
4pm to 6pm

Aligning with World White Can Day celebrating the achievements of those visually impaired we are pleased to invite our valued visitors with visual impairments to explore the museum and join a special tour exploring the collections incorporating interactive elements throughout the journey.
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The Art of Recycling
October 17, 19 and 21
5pm to 7pm
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle are the keys to a sustainable future. Come along to this art course and discover how you can creatively recycle trash and transform discarded items into artwork. At the end you will be able to create a decorative object inspired by Al Thumama Stadium.
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Qatar Museums Learning and Outreach
The Journey from Architecture to Biotecture
October 27
4pm to 5pm
This talk will review the evolution from the energy-conscious design of the 70s, through sustainability and now to ‘restorative sustainability’ and then provide examples of what this might mean in terms of design principles, building and urban form.  This amounts to nothing less than a new architectural form, in other words, BIOTECTURE – with a correspondingly new aesthetic.  What might that be?
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