Qatari Making History At Cannes

Musician Dana Al Fardan became the first artist from Qatar and the Gulf Region to appear at the Cannes Film Festival.

World-renowned Qatari composer Dana Al Fardan took to the stage at the star-studded Trophée Chopard official dinner to perform her musical masterpiece Indigo for a host of celebrities from the world of filmmaking at the 77th edition of the festival

The acclaimed Doha-born musician gave a ground-breaking performance at 24th edition of Trophée Chopard, in the enchanting setting of the Carlton Beach Club on La Croisette, hosted by Caroline Scheufele and this year’s Trophée Chopard ‘Godmother’ – actress and producer Demi Moore.

Attendees were captivated by her mesmerising voice as she performed Solstice and Onyx from her album Indigo, accompanied by the soloists of Cannes National Symphonic Orchestra and violinist Maias Alyamani. Additionally, the orchestra played her instrumental pieces Chromium and Stillness, and the world première of Caroline. The latter was composed by Dana as an homage to the vision and creativity of Caroline Scheufele, Co-President of Chopard. Dana Said: “Caroline embodies the spirit of innovation and elegance that I aspire to convey through my music.”

As cultural ambassador of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO) and one of the leading pioneering creative talents of both her generation and the Arab world, Dana proudly represents this role, including the members of the QPO to a global stage.

“As an artist, it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to have an impact on such a high profile and culturally important platform as the Cannes Film Festival,” she said.

With a diverse repertoire spanning classical, electronic and beyond, Dana Al Fardan continues to push the boundaries of musical expression, leaving an enduring legacy on the global stage. Rooted in neoclassical music with electronic elements and her signature Arab influence, Indigo transcends conventional boundaries to create a unique experience to guide the audience on an introspective path towards enlightenment.

Dana will also present Indigo in Tuscany during the Fiesolana Summer Festival.

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