Heenat Salma, a farm-cum-lodging space is dedicated to organic foods and a natural lifestyle. It’s been there a while, but has just popped up on our radar.

Heenat Salma, an organic farm as well as a successful lodging house, promotes a healthy lifestyle and a return to organic roots. The farm grows desert-friendly plants and vegetables, diversifies local food production and contributes to a renewable, home-grown food supply in Qatar.

Pictures: @karendexterphoto on Instagram & Karen Dexter Photography

The project’s aim is to influence the mindset of future generations by raising awareness and promoting education. They offer guests the unique experience of learning and engaging firsthand in farming and gardening in a real working environment.

“At Heenat Salma, our initiative is centred around seven key themes: agriculture, wellness, food and beverage, lodging, events, artisanal concept stores and a creative residency. We aim to serve farm-to-table curated menus using our 100% organic farm produce, slow cooked to perfection using artisanal techniques providing wholesome and nutritional food” says Farah Al Yasin, Head of Creative Residency at Heenat Salma.

Pictures: @karendexterphoto on Instagram & Karen Dexter Photography

The farm currently oversees and produces more than 50 different crop varieties of home-grown organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products and will soon feature naturally sourced honey and meats. Their Majlis area offers relaxing warm spaces for an experience full of wellness. These include a therapy room, an outdoor terrace, a lap pool with holistic massage and meditation to balance physical and mental health.

The farm also offers educational programmes for children and adults alike on art, crafts and sustainable design.

Pictures: @karendexterphoto on Instagram & Karen Dexter Photography

Farah continued: “We are a diverse group of scholars, entrepreneurs, artists and health and wellness professionals that have gathered together to help the preservation of culture and sustainable entrepreneurship. As we embark on this voyage, on Earth that is our home, we aim to become a cultural hub for the community fostering creativity while preserving history and culture.

“With the FIFA World Cup 2022 fast approaching, we expect to showcase our offerings to a much wider international audience by providing a variety of traditional lodges for residents and visitors to stay at Heenat Salma and experience first-hand curated offers that will leave them with a sense of rejuvenation, calm, spiritual awakening and balance.” ✤