A smart robotic wearable suit that helps create safer workplaces.

German Bionic, a robotics firm and the world’s first company to deliver connected exoskeletons for the workplace, showcased the sixth generation of its exoskeleton development with the Apogee. The Apogee is a strikingly designed next-generation smart robotic wearable tool that’s AI-supported and built for long-term use at the workplace. It provides support during lifting and walking, for up to 30kg when handling heavy loads.

The Apogee is best utilised in tasks involving lifting, unloading, static holds and walking, resulting in added energy and relief to its wearers.

Designed to be lighter and more comfortable than its predecessors, the Apogee broadens the areas of its application at the workplace and protects the health and wellbeing of workers by providing additional tools to add relief, support and safety to frequent, labour-intensive tasks.

The device works by being attached onto the back and thighs and is easy to use and unobtrusive, while allowing for no disruption to natural movements or workflows.

The exoskeleton suits are fully connected and provide users and businesses access to real-time data in order to aid in safety management and further optimise functional capabilities. Businesses can monitor device usage and safety practices through German Bionic’s IO insight platform.

The Apogee can also be customised with accessories tailored to cater to a specific team’s requirements. ✤