By Little Mix

This all-girl musical sensation gave us a teaser of what’s next with an explosion of confetti at the end of the “Wasabi” music video back in 2018 – and we’ve been waiting ever since. Two years later, it’s here: their sixth studio album, Confetti. Little Mix has a new record label and, apparently, a new sound. Their new R&B/ pop vibe features the best of both worlds, with feisty musings on everything from relationships to gender equality based upon their newfound creative liberty and control. For example, the track “Sweet Melody” serves us real talk on toxic relationships and warns fellow females with words like, “Every time we go dancing, I see his straying eyes/Gave him too many chances, push my gears too many times.” Their new sound is a fierce, mercifully coherent statement and anthem of independence. And we approve.

By Paris Jackson

Stepping away from her father’s footsteps, Paris Jackson makes her musical debut with haunting vocals, gleaming electric-guitar licks, and a sultry fire in her album. Without a single Michael-esque moment, she steps into her own sound and has us hooked onto her languid voice. Paris co-wrote nine of the 11 tracks – writing the remaining herself – with Andy Hull, leader of indie-rock band Manchester Orchestra. Incidentally, Andy also supplied vocals on the song “Eyelids”. The alluring and moody sounds on this album let you lose yourself in its alt-folk atmosphere, one track seamlessly leading to the next. The album offers intimate songs from ballads to spoken word that will fit you like your favourite sweater on a chilly winter evening. The album is far from sunny; it’s a compilation of romantic tragedy delivered with sweet vocal perfection.


A Promised Land
By Barack Obama

The US election may be over, but Barak Obama is swaying us back towards politics with his highly anticipated memoir, A Promised Land. It promises an in-depth look into his journey from a young man to the leader of the free world. The former US president discusses everything from being the first AfricanAmerican to hold the office to the impact of the victory on his family, and – yes – Donald Trump. The memoir promises a detailed glimpse into his personal and professional life before, during, and after the White House, so expect life stories, history-making moments, and inspiration aplenty.

The Harpy
By Megan Hunter

A woman scorned by her husband seeks the prefect way for revenge while keeping her family intact for her two young boys. Lucy is a work-at-home mom who devotes her time to her children and husband, so imagine her surprise when she receives a call from a man with a shattering message – her husband Jake was having an affair. Her life is upended, but in an attempt to keep their family together, the couple strike an agreement: Lucy can have her revenge on Jake by hurting him three times to even the score. As each punishment grows more vicious, Lucy becomes less remorseful, creating an original and truly unpredictable storyline that is deliciously dark.