Of Wings And Things

A perfect fusion of live sports, exquisite flavours and unmatched ambience awaited EA on a visit to Shehrazad Lounge & Terrace.

Nestled in one of Qatar’s premier locations, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Doha, in Al Muntazah, is renowned for its enduring and acclaimed restaurant outlets. Among these, the Shehrazad Lounge & Terrace stands out, blending an exceptional dining experience with the thrill of live sports.

Recently, a friend and I decided to revisit the restaurant for a longoverdue catch-up. Our previous visit left a lasting impression and we were eager to see if it still held up. On arrival, we were warmly welcomed at the reception and ushered to our table. The seating options ranged from side benches to central tables and high tables directly in front of the numerous big screens – at least 12 of them, perfect for watching your favourite games. The eclectic mix of seating options offered the perfect vantage point for catching every moment of the action.

The layout is impressive, featuring an open kitchen that adds to the vibrant atmosphere. The venue boasts both an indoor area and a cosy outdoor garden area. Despite the usual heat, the outdoor seating was surprisingly comfortable.

We were greeted by Armando Borges, the Restaurant Manager and the driving force behind Shehrazad since 2008. He enthusiastically discussed the live sport they air, including Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, rugby, MotoGP, Formula 1, tennis, basketball, golf, boxing, FA Cup, English League Cup, cricket, and the Turkish league. His passion for sports and excellent service set the tone for the evening as he introduced us to Mary, our dedicated staff member for the night.

She expertly guided us through the menu with the ease of someone who knows it like the back of her hand. With her recommendations, we embarked on a feast of masterfully created comfort food that promised to tantalise our taste buds. While waiting for our food, we explored the outdoor area, appreciating its friendly atmosphere and comfortable seating.

We couldn’t resist the allure of dining al fresco and, surprisingly, the evening air felt cool and welcoming, a stark contrast to the scorching heat of the day.

First to arrive was the Chef’s Salad. This hefty portion of cheddar cheese, turkey ham, roast beef, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and egg, drizzled with French dressing, was a feast for the senses. The flavours of the roast beef and ham perfectly complemented each other, making it a uniquely satisfying starter.

Next up were the famed chicken wings, served with an array of sauces that promised to ignite our taste buds. Each bite was a revelation, with the tender meat enveloped in a blanket of flavours that ranged from smoky barbecue to fiery hot sauce. It was impossible to resist the temptation to indulge, so beware, these chicken wings are addictive, one bite leads to another, making them arguably the best chicken wings I have ever tasted. Before we knew it, we had polished off the entire plate.

For our main courses, we chose the Grilled Salmon Steak and Grilled Tenderloin Steak both of which surpassed our already high expectations.

The salmon was a triumph of culinary finesse, its delicate flesh yielding to the fork with a satisfying resistance. Paired with garden vegetables and a tangy lemon butter sauce, it was a dish fit for royalty. The tenderloin, on the other hand, was a testament to the art of grilling, its charred exterior giving way to a juicy interior that practically melted in the mouth. Lean yet succulent, the tenderloin had a fine buttery texture and was perfectly cooked to medium-rare. Accompanied by crisp potato wedges and a green pepper sauce, it was a symphony of flavours that left us speechless.

As the evening wore on, we found ourselves drawn into the rhythm of Shehrazad’s unique charm. The atmosphere was electric, charged with the excitement of live sports and the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts. It was easy to see why this place has long held such a special place in the hearts of its patrons, myself included.

Shehrazad also offers enticing promotions and weekly specials. Highlights include the Saturday and Sunday Roast, a guest favourite, and the Euro Cup special menu, which we will be returning for.

Shehrazad Lounge & Terrace continues to be a formidable force on Qatar’s restaurant scene. Despite the addition of many new restaurants, it remains a top choice for its vibrant atmosphere, excellent service and outstanding food. If you’re in Al Muntazah and looking for a perfect venue to watch your favourite match, catch up with friends or simply unwind after a long day, Shehrazad should be at the top of your list. ✤