In the search of the ideal family brunch? Look no further! FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan had her childhood dream granted when she spent the afternoon discovering every nook and cranny of the indulgent Picnic Brunch at Al Aziziyah Boutique Hotel…

Being a 90’s baby, the checkered picnic sheet will always be iconic for me. Whether it was Small Wonder’s family or Uncle Jesse and the Tanner’s, getting ready with their football in the park, the checkered sheet was always there to support their picnic baskets. So, when I got invited to the lovely Picnic Brunch you bet your sandwich making skills that I wanted the ideal, picturesque checkered experience.

Set inside a Victorian-style hotel, the interior of Al Aziziyah was already winning a place in my heart as it reminded me of a hotel back in Italy. The seating arrangement for the brunch is divided into two sections: the very comfortable air-conditioned room inside and the actual picnic setup with benches and hammocks outdoors. I was so excited to see their entire theme right in place. Naturally, I opted to sit outside on the benches, as I got ready for my Full House experience.

The entire menu selection is also carefully aligned with the theme. There are five live stations at the brunch: Asian, Italian, Arabic, BBQ and Chef’s Special. Each hosted its respected cuisines with the option to select your meat and then hand it over to the chef to work his magic. In addition, there was an entire delectable seafood selection boasting salmon, calamari, prawns, oysters, mussels, lobster and six different types of sushi. One thing’s for sure – you’re not going hungry at this picnic.

I tried each station and honestly, the Italian food won my palate over. It is not easy to have a taste that is unique since there is no shortage of fierce competition in town now. However, I would like to add that whilst choosing your meat, the chef must be informed about your preference for the way it should be cooked – rare, medium, well done – you name it and it’ll be done!


The picnic brunch’s main purpose is to attract families and so a kid’s area is arranged where you can find a small bouncy castle and various other activities to keep toddlers busy. If you’re a parent, you know what a blessing in disguise that is! You can enjoy a meal while the kids have a mini party of their own, which obviously means a relaxing environment that grown-ups really deserve (all in favour, say aye!)

An entire table of scrumptious little beauties that I call dessert called to my sweet tooth. The station had a variety of options to appease a true foodie with popcorn, a chocolate fondue, donuts and cupcakes that were displayed. I found my own piece of heaven at that dessert table. My personal favourites were the blueberry cupcakes that had the right amount of blueberry flavour packed neatly together, as did the pocket-sized red velvet pastries. The desserts didn’t overwhelm me with carbs and I’m thankful for that. A cup of tea paired with these bites in the bearable Doha sun is all you need for a divine tea-time experience. As we say goodbye to the final sweet winds of winter, I believe the Picnic brunch is the perfect way to celebrate this season. A very family-oriented concept which will keep the mamas easy, the pops chilled out and the kids in fun mode – this brunch is definitely one of my new Friday favourites. ✤