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Bose launches new premium earbuds boasting an innovative cuff-shaped design.

In an attempt to reimagine the future of wearable audio devices, Bose have introduced the new Bose Ultra Open Earbuds. Featuring an inventive cuff-shaped design, users can now clip the earbuds onto the side of their ears, instead of the conventional method where buds are technically placed at the edge of the ear canal or also inserted into the ear (in-ear headphones).

As a result, the new design is far more comfortable for use over long periods and simultaneously provides high-level audio performance with Bose’s proprietary OpenAudio technology.

The Ultra Open Earbuds have a special flex arm coated in super-soft silicone that connects the speaker to the battery barrel. This component rests gently on users’ skin for hours without causing any trouble and has a light-as-air grip to keep the earbuds secure on the ear. They’re perfect for use during activities such as walking your pet, working-out, completing work at a cafe and so much more. They also include the Bose Immersive Audio function that virtually places users right in the acoustic sweet spot and creates an impression that the music they are hearing is being played in the room around them instead of through the earbuds.

With a stunning design that has the appearance of a fashion accessory rather than a traditional audio wearable, the Ultra Open Earbuds feature polished, soft edges and a brushed metallic finish in colour options of black and White Smoke. ✤