When you hear the words “prime quality beef” to describe a steak, you’re definitely going to get a jitter of excitement and some drool-worthy moments. FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan was no exception to this introduction of Torino Steakhouse, and was pleasantly surprised at the restaurant’s concept and unique surroundings.

My prime journey with Torino started with their broccoli soup which, initially, wasn’t something I was expecting to be served at a steakhouse. To top that off, honestly, a soup without butter? Within seconds though, this healthy bowl of winter warmth won me over. Not too thick, not too watery, just the right consistency and full of flavor.

When you think of a steakhouse, a salad is the last thing on your mind. That was not the case for Torino. I was served the most delicious Adriana Watermelon Salad here that boasted their speciality sauce, pomegranate topping. Served with very lavish garnishing, the portion was fit to curb the hunger pangs of one diner.

If you’re considering sharing a salad, you have to reconsider. It’s delicious and you will want the goodies for yourself.

The steak was served, hot and sizzling, in its platter, waiting to be devoured by me – and devour I did. When beauty meets taste, you know you are at Torino’s. The special sauce gave it the right juicy tinge to the entire dish. Add the mashed potatoes to the mix and you’re in a very yummy steak heaven.

Where Torino’s steakhouse is everything a meat lover would want, one item that I would personally recommend would be the beef pizza. Don’t be surprised and don’t look at this page like you think I’m crazy because this pizza is one of THE best I have had in town. A thin crust pizza with delectably marinated beef and vegetables is something you need to order for yourself when you go to Torino’s. That’s a friendly tip from me, and you can thank me later. You’re welcome!

Apart from the meat, when you’re selecting your drinks, you need to have their margherita. Something that stops the meat sweats is going to be welcomed on your table and the margherita should be the choice of the hour.

For the big end, I was served with seven different types of cheesecakes and my mind was absolutely blown.

The fact that all seven had a unique and different taste was something I was not expecting. If I had to pick one, it would be chocolate snickers cheesecake that won my palate on this particular day.

Overall, Torino’s steakhouse was a very pleasant experience with very helpful staff and knockout food. There are more options on the menu that I believe still need to be tried and tested but, we chose only the best for you – and what a choice it was. May you meat the right option! ✤