Masala Library takes diners on an exciting journey through India’s many and varied cuisines.

Masala Library, located in the luxurious Fairmont Doha, the most exciting new addition to Doha’s vibrant culinary scene, promises an unforgettable sensory tour through the diverse flavours of India. The restaurant’s philosophy draws on the mastery of restaurateur, television host and author Jiggs Kalra, an approach synthesised over more than four decades of research to celebrate taste, tradition and authenticity.

Through the grandeur of centuries-old customs and the finesse of post-molecular techniques, contemporary Indian cuisine is reborn at Masala Library. Guests are invited to journey through the culinary traditions of the Subcontinent and beyond, from Bangladesh and Bhutan to the Maldives and Sri Lanka, swept away by flavour and emotion.

The immersive dining experience at Masala Library is structured into four distinct and theatrical acts, each with a unique cultural and geographical expression. The first act, Indian Forest, invites guests to explore the lush and verdant forests of India through earthy and woodsy fragrant dishes.

The second, Oceanic Waves, pays homage to the diverse and flavourful cuisine of novel and familiar seafood, elevated through cutting-edge culinary techniques.

The third, Songs of Fire, is a transcendent exploration of robust and bold flavours from the wealth of India’s rich heritage featuring kebabs and curries. These dishes are prepared on open fire and tandoor clay ovens, infusing them with distinct charred flavours that tantalise the taste buds.

Finally, Hymns of the Himalayas, the concluding act, is an ode to the mighty mountains. This finale dessert sequence celebrates the characteristics of the Himalayas, providing a sweet and satisfying conclusion to the culinary journey.

Paying tribute to the country’s legendary hospitality, Masala Library has launched the Royal Indian Thali, where guests can have a transportive lunch experience featuring a rich and diverse selection of culinary delights, including dishes such as daal, biryani, chicken, tiger prawns, sea bass and smoked Indian goat, all elevated with modern flair using the finest ingredients and spices sourced from Doha’s local souqs.

Guests can book the Royal Indian Thali every Saturday from 12pm to 4pm, with prices starting at QR195 per person for a vegetarian menu or QR245 per person for non-vegetarian.✤