All of your favourite dishes from W Doha are now available for takeaway or home delivery, FACT’s Jenny Guttridge digs into a Feel Good Box from the W2Go menu.

During the lockdown, any food that you don’t have to cook yourself has become a godsend, but the result is not always so gentle on the waistline! Enter W Doha’s new healthy W2Go range! With two combination boxes for you to choose from, one being made especially for the ever-popular keto diet, there is something for everyone. No one was more excited than us at the launch of their new lunch menu, so of course, we had to try it straight away.

We opted for combination one, which contained the Poke Me Bowl, Keto beef tenderloin and a Keto chocolate cake. Ordering from the W Doha via WhatsApp was incredibly easy and hassle-free. The delivery was seamless, arriving on time, with the food still warm, in a clear sanitised bag that they help you remove carefully on arrival to ensure nothing has touched the box your food arrives in. The packaging, as to be expected from the W Doha was flawless, from the large sealed purple box to the carefully labelled food items inside. Hygiene is a top priority for all companies at the moment, but we were very impressed by the attention to detail that the W Doha provided compared to other delivery services we have tried during this time.

The Poke Me Bowl was enormous! The quantity of food was fantastic. It had beautifully cooked flavoursome chicken on top of a bed of rice, with kale, edamame, spiced cauliflower, courgettes and tomatoes, all topped with pine nuts and a creamy dressing on the side. As far as salads go, it didn’t feel like a salad at all. It was fun to eat and bursting with flavour as well as being filling. The Keto beef tenderloin looked a more delicate portion, but equally as filling and utterly mouthwatering. The portion served three pieces of tenderloin topped with mushrooms and herbs and covered in gravy with finely chopped cauliflower. The sauce and flavours perfectly accentuated the taste of the beef within the dish, and it melted away as you put your knife in to cut it. If you had told us it had come from one of the top steak restaurants in Doha, we would have been inclined believed you!

The dessert was keto chocolate cake, served in a jar where you can see the alternating layers of dense brownie cake and light sweet cream, topped with syrup, nuts and blackberries. The cake was deceiving, what looked like it could be dense and heavy after having devoured the previous two courses, was both rich yet light at the same time. The brilliant chefs at W have perfected matching rich deep flavours with a light texture, so the cake balanced out and doesn’t leave you feeling like it was too sickly or didn’t quite meet your chocolate craving. Being the keto option, you never know how a dessert is going to be when you’re missing one of the key ingredients (sugar), but we would never have known it was a keto dessert. There was no lack of sweetness or feeling that anything was missing or substituted.

As if all that delicious food was not enough, the box also came with two drinks of choice. One was a pink strawberry smoothie (that tasted like a strawberry mocktail and made me believe I should be on a beach somewhere instead of in my living room) and a very healthy Antioxidant Supreme green juice, which made us feel like a beacon of health just from drinking it.

The W Doha has outdone themselves with the creation of these new W2Go boxes. They are well thought through, from the menu to the delivery, fantastic options, and a great way to feel you are giving yourself an indulgent treat (and some much needed time away from cooking!) while not piling on the pounds. Created by W Doha’s wellness ambassador, Rawane Tahtouh, these FEEL GOOD boxes are not to be missed. The main stand out to us from the W Doha experience would be the service, the level of attention to detail with their hygiene procedures was something we haven’t seen before from any delivery service in Doha. If you have been reluctant to order in because of sanitation fears, please be put at ease that their level of care is the best we have seen to protect not only you and your food, but also their staff. ✤