Doha has been ranked as one of the safest cities in the world for post-pandemic solo female travel.

According to the ‘Post-Pandemic Solo Female Travel Index’ published by holiday search engine Holidu.co.uk, Doha is ranked No. 15 on the list and is the only country in the Middle East to feature in the top 50.

The index ranks the safest cities around the world based on several factors, including street safety and crime levels, as well as the attitudes, culture and cost of being a solo traveller in each destination. The index also explores the handling of Covid-19 in the country in which each respective city is located, and how much the levels of crime have increased over the last three years.

The top 10 cities on the list are Montreal, Canada; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Ottawa, Canada; Edmonton, Canada; Vienna, Austria; Linz, Austria; Łódź, Poland; Calgary, Canada; and Zagreb, Croatia.

Doha is perceived by women as the fifth safest city at night when alone, while it is also the third-most lit-up city at night.

Women’s perceived safety at night looks at the percentage of females that felt safe walking alone at night in the city or area where they lived. This has a ranking weighting of four, being deemed the most important factor in this study.

Brightness at night analyses radiance data in the respective city and uses this as an indication of how light it is at night (street lights/artificial lighting) for women when walking alone. This has a ranking weighting of two. The Holidu website says 73% of women travelling alone worry about their safety, according to a study by Solo Female Travellers. And this is a concern that spans across traveller age, geography and culture, so choosing the right destination is incredibly important.

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