Samsung has announced the availability of its brand-new smart laundry lineup.

The all-new household gadget series is an innovative collection powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that comprises top-tier energy efficiency capabilities. Headlined by the brand’s new AI EcoBubble range and developed to complement today’s lifestyle, make life easier for consumers and present greater convenience than ever before, the lineup will customise laundry processes and achieve desired results with less time, energy, and effort. Samsung’s Add Wash, EcoBubble and QuickDrive technologies form part of the lineup. AI is the gateway to greater convenience Adding to Samsung’s reliable performance is artificial intelligence, which learns users’ behavioural patterns to recommend cycles. With AI Control, the new Samsung washer familiarises itself with user preferences and combines that knowledge with big data to provide the industry’s first automatic suggestion of wash cycles on its display. Paired with a simple user interface, AI Control eliminates the need for users to scroll through cycles or input their individualised settings each time. The AI Wash feature uses sensors to detect the laundry load’s weight and determine the optimal amount of water and detergent to dispense. Furthermore, the appliances are compatible with SmartThings, offering users control over laundry settings from their smartphone. Valuable benefits The new AI EcoBubble range brings together Samsung’s most powerful technologies that cut down on wash times and energy consumption. Samsung’s revolutionary QuickDrive technology cuts washing time by up to 50% and energy usage by 20%. The independently moving drum and backplate allows for more dynamic actions, cleaning garments more thoroughly in less time. Moreover, Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor adds to energy efficiency, utilising strong magnets for quieter and stronger performance while using less energy compared to a universal motor. The new washers also come with Samsung’s EcoBubble technology that maximises the effect of detergent by turning it into soft bubbles – allowing for faster penetration into fabrics, even in cold water. ✤ GO: VISIT WWW.SAMSUNG.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION.