Sometimes, things don’t click until Hollywood really spells them out for you. We bring you a list for inspiring, heartfelt movies about breast cancer.

Paying homage to Breast Cancer Awareness Month FACT brings you a guide for inspiring, heartfelt movies about breast cancer. Sometimes, things don’t click until Hollywood really spells them out for you. Whether you’ve fought it, are fighting right now or have a loved one who has or have to, this is a list for you. These characters, scripts and plots would inspire hope, family support and courage in both, the fighters and their loved ones throughout this journey. And while you’re at it, keep a tissue box next to you because once you’re done with this list — you’d be immensely emotional, with lots of strength and pride.

Decoding Annie Parker

This is loosely based on a true story and follows Annie Parker, the breast cancer survivor whose diagnosis helped doctors discover the BRCA1 breast cancer gene that shows that breast cancer can be hereditary in women. With teary eyes, you’ll watch her fight the disease that took both her mother and sister. Annie deals with isolation in her marriage, self-image, and family struggles.

Miss You Already

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This movie is all about true-blue friendship and it will probably drive you to tears. It follows two best friends Jess and Milly. They both navigate the collision of friendship and sadness. Milly is diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, but their friendship remains steadfast. Milly is both charming and raw and doesn’t downplay her fatigue, jealousy, or her anger. Milly offers a balance between heartwarming and heartbreaking moments but it’s the bond between Jess and Milly that gives the movie its most significant value. Their friendship carries Milly through to the end.


A lifetime original movie, Five is actually an anthology of five short films that depicts what women go through when dealing with breast cancer, whether it’s telling their family members or learning to accept the life changing news. The film also smartly addresses a common misconception: men don’t get breast cancer. Characters Mia, Pearl, Lili, Charlotte, and Cheyanne all come from different backgrounds. Cancer affects them at different ages and stages in life. Their diagnoses also lead them to have very different personal reactions and their loved ones’ reactions are vastly different, too. Five is a worthwhile watch and an inspiring creation from an all-woman cast.

The Family Stone

Nothing says fall like silly family moments and messy sibling rivalries. Add the propensity to say the wrong thing to the chaos, and everyone is either unhappy, projecting or battling some personal chaos. That makes for the perfect set-up of passionate responses and comedy in The Family Stone. Mom reveals her cancer diagnosis at dinner. This makes everyone take a step back from petty grievances and consider the important things in life. The family as a whole must stop fighting and think about more than petty indifferences. Cancer doesn’t play a huge role in the film but the family dynamic does.

1 A Minute

This is the most inspiring film we could recommend. A compilation of interviews by women who have beat breast cancer. The personal stories of inspiration and strength mingled with famous international survivors who are either survivor themselves of affected closely by it.

Mondays at Racine

In this beautiful, heart-wrenching documentary, we watch sisters Rachel and Cynthia, who own Racine Salon and Spa on Long Island, New York, open their doors to women fighting breast cancer every third Monday of the month. Having seen their mom suffer through the indignities the disease bring women, the sister volunteer and decide to devote their time and skills to pamper and spoil these women.

Terms of Endearment

Released in 1983 but capturing the warmth of a mother-daughter relationship so well, this one is a classic! The plot follows a wavering, tense mother-daughter relationship, as the daughter discovers she has breast cancer and has to lean on her mother for support. This is a must watch for today, ofcourse because of its starring cast, and because it’s a reminder that young women are not victimless when it comes to breast cancer.

Pieces of April

You never know what you are capable of until someone you love is fighting a losing battle. You’ll move mountains or, in the case of April Burns, you’ll invite your entire family to your tenement apartment in Manhattan for what is likely your mother’s last Thanksgiving. Pieces of April proves that our personal differences mean nothing in light of breast cancer.