HUAWEI Up the Ante

With the launch of the new MateBook 14s, HUAWEI continue to make the competition sweat.

As many of you know, FACT magazine is on a mission to review and reveal the very best laptops on the market today in order to assist you, the consumer, to make an informed decision on which products are worth your consideration.

We recently examined the MateBook 14, an offering from the tech giant, HUAWEI, a laptop we felt set a high standard in the mid-sized range segment. This month, we were introduced to the next generation, the MateBook 14s, a creation that is sure to raise excitement levels amongst the many techies out there.

Now, we know it’s not all about looks, but the MateBook 14s has been constructed in an aesthetically pleasing manner with its aluminium case, polished edges and rounded corners. These features along with the extremely narrow bezels ensure this high-quality subnotebook exudes a modern and stylish feel. Throw in the standard Space Grey colour and you have one good-looking piece of equipment.

The lid of the laptop can open to a 145-degree angle, revealing a 14.2-inch, high-resolution touchscreen. The MateBook 14s delivers a 90% screen-to-body ratio, with an additional layer of glass ensuring even concentrated pressure on the screen does not cause any picture distortion. The 2.5k FullView Touch Display is an improvement on its predecessor, as is the 2520×1680 resolution. This 213 PPI display supports a maximum brightness of 400 nits and a contrast ratio of up to 1500:1. Able to render 1.07 billion colours, we found this display, with its double eye comfort feature, to be a beautiful device on which to enjoy everything from photographs to films to games, along with all other visuals.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this model is the uber powerful processor. HUAWEI’s MateBook 14s houses the latest and most powerful 11th Generation Intel Core i7-11370H processor, running at standard voltage. HUAWEI have included a 45W Performance Mode that boosts the CPU performance, providing extra power for more demanding tasks like rendering. The inclusion of Intel Iris X integrated graphics ensures this device has more than is needed for those of you wanting to undertake creative tasks.

HUAWEI’S latest laptop expands on the previous generation’s Super Device capabilities with its innovative, multi-device connectivity features. What this means is, the MateBook 14s can connect wirelessly with compatible devices such as the recently reviewed HUAWEI Nova 9 and the HUAWEI MatePad Pro, along with monitors including the HUAWEI MateView. This futuristic multi-device collaboration offers three different modes, namely Mirror, Extend and Collaborate, that allow for seamless integration between your various gadgets.

Certainly, one of the most practical features of the 14s is the 90W power adapter with fast charging. This provides up to three hours of battery life after a mere 15-minute charge. The laptop’s 60Wh (rated capacity) long-life battery supplies 13 hours of continuous 1080p video playback, allowing users to stay away from power points for longer periods.

Our verdict? HUAWEI’s MateBook 14s is a marked improvement on an already impressive previous generation, making it a top contender for all those looking to purchase a powerful and practical laptop that’s easy on the eye in more ways than one.