Love is in the air and this month we wanted to share the joy by bringing your romantic tales to life. Here are some of your sweet and wonderful stories that had our hearts aflutter.

Fathima Mehnaz and Ummer Sadique

Our love story began in the halls of a school where a charismatic teacher sparked a connection. Despite teaching for only three months [on a placement], he left a lasting impression on me.
The unexpected twist came when, on his departure, he confessed his love! I was only 16 but, undeterred, he embarked on a journey to Qatar for a promising future, intending to seek my hand in marriage.
Four years of patient waiting ensued. He maintained contact with my father, expressing his sincere intentions and, when the time was right, he approached my father again, seeking permission to marry me. Though initially hesitant, my father observed the unwavering commitment and granted his approval.
In 2019, after years of persistence, my dream turned into reality as we got engaged. We sealed our love in 2020 through marriage. Now, with a baby girl, our fairy tale is a testament to perseverance and the belief that dreams do come true.
Never giving up, our love story is a beacon of hope for those who dare to dream!

Jezriel Ruth Lim Roxas and Ronnie Dela Cruz Roxas

On my first day at work, I had to attend an orientation at our main office building. So, I wrote my name and the branch store I was assigned to in the logbook at the reception area.
He (my future husband) was there to attend a training session. He looked at the logbook and saw my name and store. He was curious, so he asked one of his teammates who I was. She explained that I was new. He approached me and asked if that was my name written there. I was puzzled because I didn’t know him at all. Then I figured out that he saw my name in the logbook. He explained that he used to work at the branch that I was to work at and that he was just temporarily helping out in another branch. Fate did, eventually, bring us together in one branch, and that’s where our friendship turned to love and grew.
Just so you know, this store has more than 50 branches and we still managed to find each other.

M. Ali Abdullah and S. Ali

My love story is a bit weird but an interesting one. I met my now husband at a blood donation event and it wasn’t a one-time thing. Whenever there was any blood donation event in the city, we would both go and bump into each other.
This happened on several occasions. Then one fine day, when he saw me at a donation camp, he approached and told me “I believe we share the same passion of saving lives let’s connect”. Oh, I was impressed! Saving lives morphed into connecting lives for us. I’m forever grateful for this quirky, charismatic, life-saving man I’ve got, and I’m pretty sure he feels the same. Saving lives turned into our joint adventure and we’re still laughing about it.
Life’s weird, but hey, so is love! Hahaha.