Chattels & More and KARE’s Interior Designer Madeleine Lätti shares her top home styling tips

The least elegant aspect of a home is the clutter. Whether or not you believe the clutter is organised, to newcomers into your home, this represents a tiring atmosphere. Unfortunately, it is very easy for clutter to gather on a particular console or corner shelving unit of the house. Therefore, it is important to take a step back and re-evaluate whether these items need to be on display.

A great way to begin adding elegance to your home is by purchasing a storage décor piece that has a beautiful exterior yet has enough storage and cabinet doors to hide the clutter. This way, you can minimise the visual distractions and appreciate your new décor piece and carefully chosen statement sculptures and accessories. By assigning a new hidden spot for your clutter, you can begin to celebrate the particular décor pieces that you are proud of.

When wanting to add sophistication to your home, it may be worth saving to purchase truly unique pieces. This method of decorating your home will be worth it in the long term because it will ensure that you are satisfied with the grace that your home exudes.

It may be difficult when starting to explore which items you will patiently wait to splurge on. The initial gut feeling towards a specific décor item is worth keeping. Once you have found a piece to fawn over, you can begin to investigate the different characteristics of this piece. A unique piece is not limited to large scale items; an item as unexpected as a cushion can transform the entire living area based on the intricate details that make it different. The texture, pattern, and shape of the piece are what drew you towards it in the first place. Therefore, this piece would bring that sense of style to your home in the same way you felt when you first saw it. Focusing on fewer décor pieces that stand out to you will bring a sense of elegance to your home that cannot be achieved through hundreds of mediocre pieces that don’t feel truly special to you. However, be cautious when purchasing new items and make sure to examine how this new décor will fit in your existing space. Will it clash with other unique pieces you have gathered over the years, or will it add an eyecatching moment to a dull corner of your home?

Lighting is a tool that can help you achieve any design direction or style in your home. The way in which you use light and the type of lighting used individually affects the outcome of your home’s atmosphere. Therefore, it is vital to make a plan of which type of lighting is needed in order to attain the elegance you are going for. There is a standard set of lighting pieces that are known as the “quick buy” items as lighting can often be underestimated when beginning to settle into your new home. This is why, often, lighting is the first item replaced when trying to add grace to your space. Purchasing lighting that brings elegance to your home does not necessarily need to break the bank. It is possible to transform your existing lighting by replacing an old shade, looking at second-hand pieces online, or even swapping out the bulb to get that warm lighting your home has been lacking! When purchasing new lighting, a chandelier is always successful at adding a bold vision in your home, whether it is a modern or classical style, a chandelier stands out and brings grace to a room filled with minimal or standard furniture. It is important to have lighting present at all heights of your home. Lighting at different heights brings a visual interest point when overlooking the space; therefore table, floor, wall, and ceiling lamps are all vital aspects to consider when searching for new pieces. Elegance can be represented in all different design directions; however, focusing on warm lighting is always vital when trying to achieve elegance in any design.

When people think of elegance, they might automatically think of floral-patterned wall-coverings against walls but in the modern-day, elegance can range in all different types of wallcoverings and paints.

When selecting wall-coverings and paints for your walls, make sure to pay attention to the existing hard finishes and fabrics present in your home. For example, if there is a lot of dark wood in your space, avoid selecting a dark wood wallpaper as most often you end up with a slightly off-colour that clashes the entire space. In situations like this, it is safe and successful to go towards a more muted linear pattern in a colour that flatters the existing wood, such as burgundy. On the other hand, if you have a lot of light-coloured stone finishes in your home and want to add a touch of elegance to the space, you can use muted pastel green and taupe wall-coverings and paints to create a delicate statement wall as a backdrop to a more rugged dining table. Understated hues in paint or wall-covering colours add instant elegance to any home and pair exceedingly well with flowing drapery.

Drapery and window treatments in general can be overlooked when designing your home. Conversely, they are an essential aspect of achieving the design direction and elegance you want to depict. It is easy to select a cheap drapery that solves the issue of blocking the sunlight out, but these items may end up being the only issue stopping your home from representing grace and elegance. Flimsy materials can leave your windows looking messy and unkempt. Materials that are well known to achieve sophistication are natural silk, linen, and cotton. These materials flow beautifully and effortlessly add a refined classiness to the walls and windows. Luckily it is quite inexpensive to find these materials when selecting drapery but it is important to explore different ways in which the curtains can be hung to select your favourite style that you love and they will, in turn, bring elegance to your existing space. There are other window treatments available such as roller blinds, bamboo shades, or even wooden shutters. These are all alternative means to window treatment that can still add elegance to your home as long as you prioritise quality and your existing space. ✤