Samsung launches all-in-one home cinema ‘The Premiere’ for the ultimate next level in home entertainment.

Samsung has launched ‘The Premiere’ 4K projector, the first-of-its-kind innovation that delivers an all-in-one home cinema right out of the box. The Premiere, an ultra-short throw (UST) projector that transforms the home into a theatre, is the industry’s first triple laser projector with 4K resolution and Smart TV UI.

The Premiere LSP9T is the world’s first HDR10+ certified, ultrashort throw (UST) projector. Instead of being set up at a distance or mounted to the ceiling, The Premiere can be positioned inches from the wall and project a massive 130” image. With triple laser technology, 4K picture quality, and vivid brightness, The Premiere delivers an immersive viewing experience. Meanwhile, its built-in, multi-channel speakers provide cinema-quality sound with Acoustic Beam technology. In addition, it features Samsung’s smart TV Tizen platform, complete with built-in streaming apps and content casting functionality.

The Premiere delivers outstanding picture quality and brightness, thanks to cutting-edge Triple Laser technology. In terms of colour, The Premiere’s RGB Triple Laser uses the foundational elements red, green and blue to deliver true, vibrant tones, while a ground-breaking contrast range ensures you can experience vivid light and dark scenes on a screen of up to 130-inches. The Premiere features 4.2 channel sound with speakers and woofers built right into the projector. What’s more, the surround sound offered is empowered with Acoustic Beam technology, which maximises left and right-side sound delivery for a truly immersive audio experience. ✤