Heritage Customs builds Moon Dust Vintage V8

Next to the Heritage Customs steel wheels, fully reupholstered interior and wooden rear compartment floor, this Heritage Customs Vintage — based on a 1985 Land Rover Defender 90 V8 — features a bespoke Moon Dust matt paint.

“This latest, bold yet sympathetic Heritage Customs Vintage restomod commission features a satin Moon Dust paint finish. It changes colour subtly, depending on the amount of light that hits the body. The body deliberately still proudly wears some of its battle scars, instead of being over-restored: an ode to the previous life of this car. The owner of this ‘85 Defender V8 was keen to co-design a stylish and understated Vintage model with us.

At Heritage Customs we call this carchitecture. Together we opted to paint our Heritage Customs milled aluminium side- and bonnet vents as well as the bespoke front bumper black; matching the roof and wheels. Non-automotive black leather and quilted Alcantara, also colour-matched to the roof and wheels, was applied to trim the seats, dashboard as well as rear benches. The floor of the rear compartment was equipped with solid wood. The owner was keen to not make this floor out of teak, as in his view the rugged Flamed Oak Wood complements the character of this confident Vintage better,” said Niels van Roij, car designer and co-owner of Heritage Customs.

Jan-Pieter Kroezen, co-owner of Heritage Customs, added, “This bespoke Heritage Customs Vintage V8 is a friendly yet self-assured design statement with distinctive aluminium details on the exterior and colour coded extra wide steel wheels. Furthermore, our customer selected a simple and clean front bumper design from our range of custom-made bumpers and side steps. Full LED lights all-around complement the package, without harming the classical looks: they modernise the quintessential Defender character and simultaneously offer an increased light output.

The grille, one of several we designed at Heritage Customs for the iconic Defender, like the headlight surrounds are milled from solid aluminium and painted black in-line with the understated look. The client opted to equip his Heritage Customs Vintage V8 with a manual transmission for a pure driving experience.”

Commissioning a Heritage Customs Vintage:

The prices for a Heritage Customs Vintage start from €50,000, excluding taxes, depending on the preferred donor vehicle and individual customer requirements. All Heritage Customs projects are 100% tailor-made and start out with sketches, based on conversations with the future owners. The design and construction process of the Heritage Customs Vintage is about 1,5 months. A selection of Heritage Customs-specific wheels are available for the Vintage (iconic Defender) as well as Valiance (new Defender). Heritage Customs is the only manufacturer worldwide focussing solely on the Land Rover Defender: for instance the range of forged alloy wheels are designed specifically with the classic and new Defender in mind.