Here’s how you can use Huawei’s range of laptops and tablets to make e-learning smarter

The HUAWEI MateBook X and HUAWEI MatePad Pro are prime examples of the shift towards more user mobility and flexibility.

Not only are they easy to carry and packed with advanced features, but they are also part of Huawei’s Seamless AI Life ecosystem of connected devices and services. That means you can effortlessly switch between your smartphone, laptop and tablet to ensure you always have the right tools at hand. Let’s find out more about how the HUAWEI MateBook X and HUAWEI MatePad Pro can help change the whole learning experience.

With Huawei’s ecosystem, you can share the smartphone app on one half of your HUAWEI MateBook X display, while the other side of the screen can be dedicated to another assignment. But there is so much more that Huawei’s shared ecosystem allows you to do. Imagine you are taking an online photography class on your laptop or tablet and need to work with documents stored on your Huawei smartphone. With Multi-Screen Collaboration, you can connect your HUAWEI MateBook X or HUAWEI MatePad Pro with your smartphone. This gives you the ability to copy text, and drag and drop files between devices. This can be done while having multiple windows open to run up to three different apps side by side, making it ideal for learning.

The benefits of this shared ecosystem are not limited to education either. Thanks to Huawei ID, you can enjoy content from apps like HUAWEI Music and HUAWEI Video from the comfort of your smartphone. But if the HUAWEI MatePad Pro’s larger screen is more your style then simply connect using Huawei ID and you can switch to the bigger device to continue where you left off.

Learning is no longer limited to the classroom and devices such as the HUAWEI MatePad Pro and HUAWEI MateBook X give you the flexibility to study at your own pace. So, whether you are a school pupil, university student or a lifelong learner, Huawei has the ideal devices and features you need to succeed.