Ember launches the first self-warming baby bottle system to assist parents.

Ember, a technology company that creates, designs and develops temperature-control products, has launched the Ember Baby Bottle System that warms milk or formula at the touch of a button. The device ensures safe and even warming using convection current technology along with triple-check safety features. Multiple sensors detect temperature and liquid levels, to ensure every bottle is warmed precisely and at just the right heat to preserve nutrients while eliminating hotspots.

The system includes two 175-ml bottles which are ergonomically designed and dishwasher safe. An insulating thermal dome keeps milk cool at home or on-the-go for around four hours until you’re ready to heat it. A smart warming puck warms the bottle wherever you are with a charge capacity for two feedings. The puck features LED lights that indicate when the milk is warming and also displays the battery life status for extra convenience. All parts of the baby bottle system that come into contact with milk or formula are made from BPA-free materials, found in various types of plastics, and are food safe.

Additionally, the system comes with an accompanying Ember Baby app that provides users an integrated smart solution to assist with preparing, tracking and monitoring feedings as well as the baby’s growth.✤