McLaren have graced the supercar segment with the arrival of the new GT

We at FACT magazine love trying something new, especially when that something new is the latest model McLaren GT. Provided to us for the day by the outstanding team at McLaren, this luxury vehicle now marks the high point of our test-driving vocation and has set the benchmark for all of our future motorcar experiences. The only problem we encountered with this vehicle was where to begin singing its praises.

The moment we laid eyes on the McLaren GT, we knew we were in the presence of something extraordinary. This sleek and muscular vehicle’s MonoCell II-T carbon fibre structure complete with aluminium body panels, enables unequalled driving dynamics and performance. At 1,530kg, the GT is 130kg lighter than its closest competitor and is hundreds of kilograms lighter than many other cars in the segment. Aerodynamic efficiency is achieved through the long and elegant exterior lines that run the full length of the 4.7-metre exterior, with front and rear overhangs extending further than is traditional for McLaren.

The width and posture of the vehicle are underlined at the front end by the signature ‘hammerhead line’ that flows horizontally across the nose, drawing the eye to the car’s shapely flanks where 20-inch alloy front wheels are paired with 21-inch wheels at the rear. At the backend, an integrated fixed wing, large diffuser and prominent exhaust tailpipes remove any doubt that this is indeed a Grand Tourer with supercar capabilities. Furthermore, with a 110mm underbody clearance, the GT is usable in all urban situations.

Upon slipping inside the cabin, we were greeted by an exceptionally comfortable and deluxe environment complete with hidden-until-lit ambient lighting that creates a calming and inviting atmosphere. Innovative, refined and first-class materials have been used throughout the interior for high-performance driving; the seating position and forward visibility being of foremost importance. With every button and switch close at hand and conveniently placed, you will be able to concentrate on the road ahead instead of fumbling around searching for what you need.

The masterful design of the GT has ensured that not only do all occupants have plenty of space, making sure long journeys are a joyful experience, but there is now more storage room than ever before. With a 420-litre luggage area below the tailgate and a further 150 litres of storage at the front, this new McLaren can accommodate up to 570 litres. This means that not only is this vehicle practical for everyday use but, for the first time, a supercar is able to comfortably transport a full golf bag in the trunk!

The sophisticated yet user-friendly McLaren Infotainment System II is amongst the fastest-operating in any vehicle courtesy of a 10-core processor. It comes complete with a seven-inch, portrait format touchscreen with clear and crisp graphics inspired by the control system of luxury private jets. A 12.3-inch TFT screen is situated directly ahead of the driver and provides key vehicle information at a glance. This information is prioritised according to the driving mode selected, namely Comfort, Sport or Track. With a multitude of other functions and options, this infotainment system is amongst the very best we have ever had the privilege of operating.

Finally, it was time to hit the roads and our excitement grew exponentially as we engaged the new 4.0-litre, twinturbocharged McLaren M840TE V8 engine. With a roar that would turn anyone’s head, we set off along the tarmac feeling like a million riyals. The seven-speed SSG transmission enables seamless acceleration and, along with the launch control feature of the new GT, enables this supercar to bullet from 0-100km/h in a ridiculous 3.2 seconds and from 0-200km/h in just 9.0 seconds. With a top speed of 325km/h this McLaren is amongst the very fastest vehicles you will find on the roads today. The combination of the suspension configuration, traction control, braking ability and overall handling, guarantees that the GT is a marvellous machine to drive and we always felt in complete control of the experience.

In truth there are far too many fantastic features housed in the new McLaren GT to cover in this article and we can only encourage all those looking for a technologically superior, highperformance, beautifully designed and practical sports vehicle to contact McLaren Doha for more information. ✤