Skyline Automotive, part of Jaidah Group, has launched the new Geely Coolray in Qatar.

Positioned as an ‘Intelligent SUV’ the model features upgrades in design, powertrain, technology and safety.

For the exterior, Geely adopted a more flamboyant ‘Energy Burst’ design featuring the latest generation ‘Energy Storm’ front face design with blacked Robust Air Inlets with red accents. The 18- inch tomahawk-style wheels with red sports calipers represent the speed and passion of the racing track. The large rear spoiler with the exclusive S logo enhances the vehicle’s sense of sportiness while optimising aerodynamic performance.

The new Coolray boasts the segment’s only exclusive Lavender shade that has a dynamic colour-changing finish.

The new model also boasts a powerful and sporty cockpit with flowing integrated double screens – a 10.25-inch LCD instrument cluster and a 12.3-inch infotainment display – to deliver an immersive visual experience. The car is equipped with suede multifunctional sports seats, a premium leather multifunctional steering wheel, 72-colour ambient lighting and a sporty electronic gear shifter.

Under the bonnet is a powerful and efficient new generation of Leishen 1.5 turbo direct injection engine, enabling acceleration from 0-100km/h in just 7.6 seconds. A new ADAPTIVE mode recognises driving habits and road conditions and actively adjusts the powertrain to provide a better driving experience. There’s also a range of driver assistance and safety technology. ✤