Looking for an easier way to play your favourite games? Look no further. The iOS Mobile Controller is here.

The new Xbox Edition iOS Mobile Controller is the ultimate gadget for gamers who are just too tired to sit in front of a computer. The controller comes with an iPhone holder attached, helping users play their favourite video games just by snapping their smartphone in place. The classic design provides a comfortable and solid grip while the two clickable joysticks, D-pad and buttons deliver enhanced control. The device is also the first MFi controller to feature a signature Xbox button.

The gadget uses a wired lightning connection which means there is no lag between it and the plugged-in iPhone, ensuring exceptional responsiveness. The wire also charges the phone, keeping it powered up for play so you can be sure your game will go on without disruption. There is an additional headphone socket so you can play your favourite games privately and cancel any outside noises to have the ultimate gaming experience. The phone mount is removable and you can also adjust the viewing angle to best suit your needs. The device is available in two colourways, Jet (black) and Cloud (white).

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