Yesterday’s traditions meet today’s trends at Le Paradis DeLord where the meeting of exotic coastal cuisines fuses everything you love about the food of the east and the west. FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan sits down for a palate awakening as every dish to grace the table leaves her taste buds impressed.

Situated on the first floor of Luxury Court of Mall of Qatar, Le Paradis DeLord was a pleasant surprise for me. When I was invited for lunch, I didn’t do any research and just wanted to enjoy the food as it came. In a perfect, dimly lit room, I was very impressed to see the eye-catching décor of the restaurant. An instagrammer’s paradise, their mini pink cherry blossom trees give a Spring-ish vibe as the welcoming staff finds the ideal table for you.

I was first introduced to the starters, which basically set the tone for the entire menu for me. Well, readers, I was not disappointed in the slightest. I tried three different appetisers which were Salmon Bruschetta, DeLord Salad and Le Paradise Cocktail. If I had to pick one for you, I’d go for the third which was a juicy combo of butter fried shrimps topped with lush dressing. One of my most favourite elements about the cocktail was the fusion of different flavours. Believe it or not, I found the very famous Indian snack ‘sev’ in there too, which was the winner for me. I especially loved the role of pomegranate in the items I was served, which included my drink, the Sailor’s Navy – a quick refresher in this unpredictable Doha weather – I honestly didn’t know I needed to cool down ‘till I took some gusto sips of this delicious brew of fruits.

As I munched on the home-made bread and butter, I was served my main course
and absolutely loved the variety of meat I was presented. I was especially pleased that all the dishes had their own tastes and twists. The creamy chicken, well-cooked beef steak and the delicious saffron and cheese lobster; I was in a very meaty heaven – with zero complaints! However, the Lamb Shank is the reason I will be going back to the café. The meat was fall-offthe-fork tender and instantly melting in my mouth with every bite.

Now for the big show: the dessert. One thing you should know about me is that desserts and I have a very special relationship. Neither one can live without the other and therefore, I am most critical about them. Since I like my cheesecakes on the slightly sweeter side, I was very happy with the custard-like density and flavour of the one served up here. Where it may not appeal to many, my sweet tooth was jumping with joy!

A single serving at Le Paradis DeLord is good enough to fill up the bellies of two hungry patrons, but I would recommend a careful selection of the menu. It has a lot of options that can make you want to order with your eyes, alas, patience is key! The chef’s speciality is to bring a bit of everything to the table and I can vouch that you will not be disappointed. Just have your food warm off the stove and you’ll be thanking us!


The restaurant is generally a relaxed and welcoming experience. If you’re looking for a spot to enjoy your meal, either with family, or even a business meeting, this is an ideal choice. Impressive, neat and packed with variety, Le Paradis DeLord is sure to become the kind of food hotspot that diners will return to time and again. ✤