The two-year ‘World Class Chefs’ initiative aims to host high-profile and award-winning international chefs from all over the world in Qatar, with the purpose of further enriching the country’s thriving culinary scene and exploring investment opportunities.

Qatar Tourism, in collaboration with Qatar Airways, Qatar Aircraft Catering Company (QACC) and Kings of Kitchen, has kicked off the ‘World Class Chefs’ initiative.

Through the project, Qatar Tourism, in collaboration with its partners, will diversify the country’s tourism offerings for domestic audiences and international visitors by introducing new gastronomic experiences.

Qatar Tourism facilitates investment opportunities in various tourism sub-sectors, particularly the hospitality sector, strengthening Qatar’s position as a tourist destination featuring restaurants by high-profile international chefs.

Qatar currently boasts an eclectic dining scene with restaurants by many globally celebrated chefs, as well as a strong and diversified multi-award-winning hospitality sector, which makes the country a promising destination to introduce new concepts in fine dining.

Berthold Trenkel, COO of Qatar Tourism commented: “The food and beverage sector in Qatar is reflective of the country’s patchwork of residents and is a key element of our tourism offering. Food-related events are extremely popular in the country, and we are excited to introduce the ‘World Class Chefs’ project, along with the return of beloved events such as Qatar International Food Festival, in the coming months. With a multitude of food experiences, such initiatives help showcase the country’s offerings in the sector to more varied audiences.

The ‘World Class Chefs’ project kicked off at the end of October, with the visit of the French Michelin-starred Chef Julien Roucheteau, who has many international awards to his credit. He is known for crafting the menu of La Table du Lancaster, an exquisite restaurant in the heart of Paris which won a Michelin Star while he was at the helm. He has also exhibited his culinary talent at other top kitchens and restaurants in Paris including Les Magnolias, Le Diapason and Le Cinq.

Qatar Tourism has launched several initiatives and festivals to support the hospitality, retail, and food and beverage sectors. These include the ‘Qatar Clean’ programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), as well as the ‘Chefs of Qatar’ virtual food festival and the country’s muchcelebrated Qatar International Food Festival. With the borders now open for international visitors, Qatar Tourism is maintaining a strong focus on improving the visitor experience to ensure the country is ready to welcome guests to enjoy its tourism products and offerings. ✤