Getting tired of internet searches, online shopping and Netflix binge-watching marathons? Get off the couch and get into the fast-growing sport of kitesurfing.

The sport is picking up momentum in Qatar. Best of all, it’s a solo sport, making it suited for the lockdown.

Kitesurfing does rely on the right weather though. Too little wind and you won’t get off the ground. Too much and you’ll be vacationing in Oman without a visa. Before that joke gets your wind up, we can assure you that kitesurfing is a safe and secure adrenalin rush.

If you are an absolute newbie looking for a way to learn there are several companies offering beginner lessons to make your first foray into the sport as non-intimidating as possible. Kitesurfing won’t break the bank and will empower your sense of adventure while giving you serious bragging rights over your new skill set. Here are some options in Qatar.