Asad Khan headed to Saffron at Katara Cultural Village in search of lip-smacking butter chicken and Indian delicacies.

Saffron gives elegant vibes from the moment you step inside. Mimicking the vibrant colours you find in Indian culture, green, white and gold interior pieces give a luxurious vibe to the restaurant. Since it was a sunny day, I decided that I wanted the best view in the room; I sat next to the window and watched the waves striking the shore. The delicate table arrangement simply fit into the scenario, making it the best spot for taking Instagram pictures. For the past few months, I’ve had this craving for nice Indian street food and had been on the hunt to find some of the best in Doha. The menu at Saffron had a variety of such street food dishes and with a very reasonable price range, considering the prime location and the chic look of the restaurant.

I was served with Dahi Papri Chaat and Raaj Kachori to start my meal.. I can categorically say for Papri Chaat that I had never tasted a fresher, spicier or more delicious mix and pairing of crisp papadi with sweetened yoghurt, tamarind and mint chutney than this. It was hot! These appetisers gave me a hint of summer warmth as I sat celebrating the start of our somewhat chilly winter.

The chaats were followed by Tandoori Bharwaan Aloo (stuffed potato barrels, slow roasted in the tandoor) and Tandoori Malai Broccoli (broccoli florets marinated with cashew nuts, fresh cream and carom seeds). Both were extremely well done in terms of flavours and spices. If you’re thinking to go and try out an all-veggie option, this has to be on your table. The first bite of Malai Broccoli had me questioning myself as to why I don’t go for veggies that often and is it only here or generally that they taste so good? I thoroughly enjoyed having something new and this fantastic on my palate!

Then the mains arrived in sensational presentations. The Murgh Makhani is a light option, perfect for lunch, while the Dum ki Raan came in all its glory with a salted gravy — lamb braised in brown onion which unleashed soft, flaky meat and the familiar aromas of the Indian cuisine. However, the Gosht Dum Biryani stole the spotlight with its tender and melt-in-your mouth boneless cuts of lamb leg, cooked on dum and presented in a mattka enclosed with oven-baked naan. This dish truly glorifies the upgrade in quality from the kitchen. On the sides, I also tasted some butter chicken paired with garlic naan which was equally as tasty as the other mains. It was the first time I gave butter chicken here a try, but it definitely won’t be the last. Three words: ‘This was love’. An apparent favourite of the locals who love to try Indian food and devour the flavours of rich cuisine, I could tell why.

I couldn’t leave without trying the infamous Gulab Jamun Ice Cream Jar and Saffron Rasmalai and, to my delight, they did not disappoint. A quaint fresh cottage dumpling soaked in saffron flavoured milk was delectable to the core. A ‘must try’ and recommended to end the meal. ✤