Mindfulness meditation can help cancer survivors and their loved ones acknowledge and accept difficult emotional experiences and embrace change. Here’s a list of 5 beaches around Qatar away from the city, in the calm, for some peace — for you can meditate.

During cancer treatment, women often experience constant change and feelings of uncertainty. When treatment ends, survivors may experience fear of recurrence, loneliness, concerns about physical appearance or anger at the disruption cancer caused to their life. Left unaddressed, serious anxiety, depression or other psychological distress may leave women unable to tend to their health.

Mindfulness meditation can help survivors acknowledge and accept difficult emotional experiences and embrace change – bringing a sense of control and allowing healing to begin.

UCLA-led research found that just six weeks of mindfulness meditation significantly reduced depression symptoms in survivors of breast cancer. And the effects lasted more than six months after meditation stopped. Mindful meditation in the centre of the city might be a little too overwhelming for you or your loved one suffering. So, we at FACT list down top 5 beaches for you, away from the city, in the calm, for some peace.

Fuwairit Beach:

On about two-hour drive from the main city, this beach provides an edge touching the foot of eroded hills. Sunsets here are beautiful with the picturesque view of hills. A pristine coastline of white and pink sand dotted with shells against the turquoise sea is well worth the drive. It’s usually not crowded, has white sand, clean water and perfect tranquility to dip your toes or simply sit by the sand to meditate and feel the fresh breath of air.

Maroona Beach:

Located at the South of Fuwairit Beach, it is located at about 80kms from North Doha. Fine sand perfect for a day-sit down or a walk providing a landscape for an escape from the city. Find yourself, collect your inner thoughts, let it flow and feel the tranquility and crispiness of the air here.

Zekreet Beach:

With its crystal-clear blue waters and interesting limestone formations, Zekreet Beach (Bir Zekreet or Ras Abrouq Beach) is one of Qatar’s great scenic beaches. It is also a popular place for camping among city dwellers looking to get back to nature. Many people pack up a tent and come here for the weekend; the rocky beach means it is quiet in comparison to others in the area. Spend a night, gaze stars and absorb the universe.

Inland Sea:

Inland Sea is the name of the area even further south from Sealine Beach – around a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Doha — and it is a magical place that will make you fall in love with the desert. Although you will need a guide or a four-wheel drive to get there —but it’s all worth it. Once you’ve arrived, enjoy the most secluded beaches and watch the flamingos as you enjoy the warmth of sun and peaceful shores.

Simaisma Beach:

Around 40 kilmetres from Doha, and a 30 minute drive away this serene paradise features soft sand and shallow waters, which offer a safe environment for families with kids to have some leisure time by the water. Peaceful and clean, it is ideal for long walks and relaxing under the sun. As the bay has a little curved shape, the shallow water is as still and warm as a hot bath.