Luke Bennett discovered that Farmore Thn Burger (FTB) is a fitting name for this relaxing, stylish restaurant where they aren’t just relying on high-quality meat patties to entice diners.

Situated on the ground floor of The Marriot Executive Apartments City Center Doha, this newly opened establishment will certainly add an indulgent yet refined option to the ever-growing gastronomic scene here in Doha. The décor creates a sleek, modern diner-like ambiance that caters for all. From booth seating for a sociable, larger group to more private tables with both high-top stalls and curved, longue seats. An elongated, licensed bar adorned with cinematic and illuminated signage takes centre stage – offering guests a further option of sitting at the bar with some sharable snacks.

As we took our seats, the newly appointed manager, Rodel, spoke enthusiastically about their signature dishes and offered suggestions from the intriguing and exciting menu. From the snacking section, we opted for the Lobster and Prawn Popcorn which proved to be a great choice. Hearty, succulent pieces of meat that melted under each bite were perfectly coated in double, crispy tempura batter and lightly brushed with a punchy, tobico mayo. (Who said popcorn was only for the cinema?)

Accompanying the balls of fried deliciousness was a fresh, vibrant bowl of frisée lettuce, seaweed shards, crunchy edamame beans and a delightful mix of crab, lobster, prawn and calamari rings. The sweet, thick coriander tasuma dressing significantly heightened the pleasurable taste of the Seafood Salad. Bringing a tantalising aroma to the table was a warming pot of Lobster Bisque. Removing the lid revealed a rich, colourful tomatobased sauce submerging generous portions of lobster meat that delivered on both texture and taste. The layers of flavour within the sauce were enhanced with the addition of lobster stock and coriander and cubes of crispy croutons added both crunch and a touch of saltiness.

For the main course, they offer a range of skilfully crafted, homemade burgers and a selection of dishes that utilise the opulent ingredient, lobster. Two focus points of an outstanding burger must be the quality of both the meat patty and the bread. Our Avo Burger delivered on both fronts: the Wagyu beef patty provided a thicker grain of tasteful meat that oozed delightful levels of moisture, and the parmesan-coated brioche bun (also freshly made) held its firm shape, adding a different textural element. Topping the delectable meat were strands of crispy, salty bacon; smooth, plump wedges of avocado; and a velvety smothering of mimolette cheese.

Another example of their impressive use of bread was our Spicy Brioche Roll. An expertly toasted brioche finger roll encased a creamy blend of shredded lobster and prawn, whipped with a spicy yet enjoyable chipotle mayo. Rings of sliced jalapenos and scallions added some welcome crunch and tang. A standout dish for sure! For our final main course, we were served Thermidor, a perfectly baked lobster sliced into halves. The firm yet juicy fibres of meat slid easily from the shell and were elegantly displayed upon a creamy edamame emulsion that complemented the meat perfectly.

Each main course arrived with homemade, triple-cooked fries that had a satisfying, crispy exterior yet remained fluffy and light inside. If you wish, you can opt for a portion of slightly thinner and crispier sweet potato fries sprinkled with lime salt. Both options were highly enjoyable, not overly oily and supremely well-seasoned. As an additional side, I would highly recommend the Mac & Cheese. The macaroni was prepared al dente with a lightly, crisped top layer – an essential component in any mouth-watering Mac & Cheese! The considered use of parmesan and fontina resulted in a dish that had the desired, creamy texture but was not too stodgy, meaning you could keep coming back for more.

Like any great diner, the dessert choices celebrate all things ice cream. The Brownie Sundae was a substantial offering of smooth, luscious vanilla ice cream with chunks of crumbly, delectable brownie and a lavish drizzling of salted caramel and Valrhona chocolate sauce that hardened to offer a pleasurable ‘snap’. Alongside the sundae sat an alternative take on a banana split.

A trio of delicious chocolate, vanilla and pistachio spheres were topped with thin slices of fresh banana and a dusting of crushed corn flakes that added a desirable crunch to the dish.

As mentioned, Farmore Thn Burger are fully licensed and offer a wide range of beverages. During our evening, we sampled a couple of their skilfully curated mocktails. Firstly, Mallow Sunset gifted a vividly coloured blend of hibiscus tea, strawberry juice and homemade honey, topped with fresh sprigs of mint. The next mocktail, Basil Smash, presented a fresh mixture of basil, apple and lemon juice, soda and sugar syrup. Both beverages were highly enjoyable, not excessively sweet and complemented the food nicely.

Despite gorging on a vast range of appetizing dishes, we left without the nauseating feeling of overindulgence, and I’d attribute this to the refined nature of FTB’s dishes. Couple this with the exceptional, attentive service from Rodel and his team and you should definitely add Farmore Thn Burger to your ‘must try’ list. If these weren’t already enough reasons, they also offer multiple, impressive deals: a generous ‘Power Hour’ lasting from 12-8pm every day except Fridays; a business lunch with a twoor three-course option; and a newly launched, BBQ-style Friday brunch that I am sure will be a hit. ✤