Proving you really don’t have to spend hours to look good, Craig Ferrima checks out 1847 for guy grooming at its speedy best.

We all lead busy lives and it can sometimes feel like quite a mission to fit in time to take care of our appearance. I often see it is as a chore to be squeezed into the schedule, rather than something I can enjoy or even look forward to. 1847 understands the modern man and, after perfecting its executive grooming parlours for men across the Gulf, the group has now set up shop in Qatar, where the first branch officially opened at Doha Festival City in January.

The name is a curious story and it was the first thing I asked Nicky, who gave me the warmest of welcomes at reception. She explained that the name originates from English inventor William Henson, who discovered the safety razor, which he patented in the year 1847. When I entered 1847, I certainly didn’t feel like I’d stepped back in time. If anything, it was like going back to the future! It’s an inauspicious entrance with just a registration desk but the magic lies behind, where there are two large spaces – one is the barber’s room, the other is the treatment room.

I started with a haircut. Having defaulted to type for years, I was a bit nervous about trying something new, but I needn’t have been. I was in the hands of Younes, a real professional. Raised and trained in Morocco, he used electric shavers on the back and sides of the head and razors to accomplish sharp, straight edges. A bit of scissor action on top and then some product. 1847 sources the bulk of its stuff – from face scrub to shaving cream, beard moisturiser to pre-shave oil and post shave balm – from Murdock London.

The exception to that is possibly the shampoo; Younes uses the French luxury hair brand, Kérastase, for that. There wasn’t too much chat and the wash, cut and dry was all done within half an hour, as promised. At the end of it I was very pleased with the modern and stylish haircut. Before moving on to my next treatments, I had a lovely cup of ginger tea in the other room which is the treatment zone. It is open plan but carefully designed with partitions that can hide you away while you’re having a treatment but also allow you to talk to your friend if you go in a pair.

The design is not pretentious or achingly trendy but instead elegant, classy and comfortable. It has lots of dark wood features, cool grey leather and matte black tones. I had the express facial, manicure and pedicure all at the same time. This was a new concept on me. I’ve always done things singularly in the past, but this was a clever and appealing option. I got comfortable in an armchair looking straight ahead at a soporific screen showing fish swimming around in water, which was almost hypnotically relaxing.

Therapist Analyn took care of my feet, while Clirebel worked on my hands and, simultaneously, Daniel sprayed rosewater on my face and gave me ‘The Grey Express Facial’ by The Grey. I don’t know what the secret is but after cleansing, exfoliation, a gentle serum massage and moisturising, I was glowing by the end of it. 1847 is the modern man’s kind of place.

It’s efficient without cutting corners on quality. It’s five-star service with a hint of cool but not so much that it aches; and team members proudly boas that no single treatment should take longer than half an hour. Now there is no excuse not to look our best, guys! ✤