Exceptional Performer

The MG 7 offers refinement and performance similar to leading brands at a stunningly attractive price.

MG Motor is a British-born automotive brand that is owned by the Shanghai-based carmaker SAIC Motor. Over the years, the company has steadily grown to become globally renowned for its premium automotive offerings and is once again making waves with the introduction of the first-ever large saloon, the 2024 MG 7, a model in the luxury category that boasts cutting-edge technology, performance and premium sophistication.

This month, thanks to MG Motor Qatar, FACT got behind the wheel to thoroughly test the exciting new 2024 MG 7 in the 405 VTGI Trophy variant with a 2.0-litre petrol engine.

Dynamic Exterior

As the MG 7 came into view, the first thing we noticed was how well its appearance combines elements of power and elegance. The model boasts an eye-catching sleek fastback design that tastefully includes touches of British flair. In the front, the car has a wide stance with a sharply sculpted bonnet that gives a confident and commanding presence. This is further accentuated by the large muscular looking front grille that’s framed by the aggressive but stylish Digital Hunting LED headlights, daytime running lights and front fog lamps. The well-defined flanks feature body-coloured power folding side mirrors that have integrated turn signals, supercar-style frameless doors that add a spiffy touch, trendy looking 19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels and a distinctive ‘Trophy’ badge on the left side signifying the car’s premium performance capabilities. At the rear, the sporty aesthetic continues with a three-section active sport wing that not only adds a spectacular look to the vehicle but also helps in optimising downforce or reducing drag in different driving conditions. The stylish LED tail lights draw the width of the car and illuminate pleasingly and framing the bottom edge, is the sizeable chrome-tipped quad-exhaust system. Finally, the strikingly designed MG emblem, positioned aptly front and centre on the lip of the bonnet, is once again displayed prominently at the rear and just below that is the MG 7 badge exhibited boldly in a minimal but refined style.

Refined Interior

Switching our focus to the interior, our attention was drawn to the Storm Eye integrated motorsport seats that have been meticulously designed for ergonomic support and ultimate comfort. The top trim model also features seats crafted with luxury silk Nappa leather, microfibre suede and European textured piping for added sophistication. To further improve convenience and personalised comfort, the driver’s seat includes six-way electric adjustment for easy manoeuvring. The multi-functional steering wheel feels sturdy in hand and comes sensibly thought out with the crucial controls positioned conveniently. The centre console is well-designed with the ergonomically shaped gear selector conveniently placed closer to the driver. Space wise, there is sufficient leg, shoulder and head room for both front and rear row seats. There are reasonably sized bins and large cup holders, along with a spacious cubby hole. Also, we really liked how the panoramic sunroof let in plenty of natural light and added to the already spacious feel. Finally, a sufficiently roomy luggage compartment adds to the practical nature of the MG 7.

Advanced Infotainment & Technology

The MG 7 features a singular large panel that’s split into two screens comprising a 10.25-inch instrument panel and a 12.3- inch main infotainment screen. We found the system intuitive and easy to navigate. Also, just below the screen, are capacitive touch buttons for the climate control. There are rear AC vents conveniently placed for the passengers in the back, crucial during our hotter months, and the same panel also has two USB type C ports which are useful for those in the rear seats. The system provides full Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There is also a wireless phone charging port that proved handy. And, another notable feature was the in-car audio experience which was second to none thanks to the Bose sound system with nine dynamic speakers.

“The model boasts an eyecatching sleek fastback design that tastefully includes touches of British flair.”

Imposing Power & Performance

Then came our favourite part of the day as we finally took the MG 7 out on the road. Our ride was powered by a 2.0-litre turbo variant petrol engine that comes with a nine-speed automatic transmission providing seamless smooth power delivery and responding effectively well in the handling and braking department. The MG 7’s engine can capably generate maximum 261hp and a torque of 405Nm, which caught us by surprise and made a favourable impression. This saloon can also accelerate from 0-100km/h in a respectable 6.5 seconds. When we switched to Sport mode there was a noticeable growl from the engine that was immediately reflected in the bump in driving performance. Additionally, there’s the conveniently located Super Sport Button on the steering wheel which we appreciated for quick switching. Finally, the MG 7 also offers a wide range of active safety features and advanced driver-assistance systems like front collision warning, emergency lane keep system and adaptive cruise control to ensure occupants’ peace of mind.

Our Verdict

Taking everything into consideration within this price range, the MG 7 makes a great impression and sets a high standard from the luxurious details to the powerful and immersive driving experience. ✤