FACT’s Muhammad Asad Ullah made his way to Rodizio Brazilian Churrascaria at Crowne Plaza Doha – The Business Park Hotel to try the meaty menu

Stepping into Rodizio you realise Doha can really outdo itself with the international flavours on offer and the picture opportunities are instant. A magnificent stained-glass window graces the entrance and, at the other end, you can see the chef grilling the meat live, while lofty ceilings and dim lighting set the scene for the evening.

Entering Rodizio, the atmosphere is warm. Small chandeliers dangle from the ceiling with shades of maroon giving an elegant feel. Immediately on entry, your eyes connect with the large cooking station rooted in the centre of the restaurant. Floor-to-ceiling windows and deep red décor with lots of photo frames in black make an incredible backdrop for those much-needed IG pictures.

The restaurant staff are dressed immaculately, complementing the place’s ambiance, and know the menu very well (they managed to answer my many questions effortlessly), making the whole experience that much more exclusive. Myself and my friend were seated at a corner table, perfect for all our candid conversations and laughter. We were there for churrascaria — to experience it all. A set menu featuring starters, desserts and, for the mains, meat cuts of 12 different types.

This is a haven for meat lovers! From chicken to lamb to beef, everything was grilled to perfection. We knew that meat was a must-have, well that’s what we were there for, but the starters looked too delicious to miss. We began the evening with an appetiser platter featuring coxinha (chopped or shredded chicken, covered in dough), pan de queijo (baked cheese bun), plantain fritto (fried ripe plantains with cinnamon), crispy fried cassava and beef empanada (savoury pasties made of dough with beef filling). We usually eat bananas as a fruit and imagining them in any other way is really hard. But, to our surprise, plantain fritto was really delicious.

It was perfectly crunchy with the sweet taste of banana and a strong aroma of cinnamon. It is something that I’d definitely order again just like the cheese bun; served hot, pan de queijo is a Brazilian version of cheese fatayer served locally, but with more cheese and crispy. The salads that followed included chicken Caesar, Aguachile Verde and arugula salad. Aguachile has to be my favourite. Lime, coriander, jalapeno, avocado, cucumber and onion — a very basic combination but it’s the marination of lime that gave the taste a lift.

For the mains: the serving started with chicken yoghurt, followed by a Maminha cut, flap steak, beef rib-eye and tenderloin with mustard and cheese, lamb chop, lamb leg, and ‘smoky’ veal topside, all medium rare and incredibly flavoursome. It was as if the meat melted in our mouths with every bite. My personal favourite had to be the beef tenderloin. Paired with truffle aioli, the cut was executed perfectly and filled with unimaginable flavours.

The best thing about the tenderloin was that the beef was surrounded by a crispy layer of fat making it so convenient to separate the two if you have certain food preferences. To continue our meat-fest we also turned our attention to the beef rib-eye, accompanied by Brazilian garlic rice and a delicious feijoada sauce. When I say that a steak knife wasn’t needed, I mean it. The meat was succulent and packed with intense flavour, the flesh fell apart on my plate as soon as it landed – Rodizio knows how to cook a medium-rare steak to perfection. It’s about getting the perfect mouthful, the mouthful that hits every single note. Even if you’re really paying attention, there’s no one single taste.

It’s many tastes. What followed this meaty event was roast pineapple with cinnamon, another surprising dish that shook us with its distinct taste. We discovered that pineapple, once roasted, is even more delicate and sweet. The cinnamon kicked up the sweetness of the fruit and balanced it to the core. Rodizio is generous with the desserts.

We were served with Coupe Caraibe, Chocolate Tart, Coconut Tres Leches, and Classic Crème Brûlée. Our favourite: Coconut Tres Leches. The moist cake with coconut milk formed a perfect base for the assortment of fruits and passion fruit ice-cream. So divine! If you get a chance to try Rodizio’s churrascaria menu, do, it’s worth experiencing what is, genuinely, just butter on your tongue. This restaurant has one vision, and it’s clear – to be one of best meat places in Doha. With an opulent setting, exquisite food and switched-on staff, Rodizio is the restaurant to watch. ✤