ELIE SAAB Maison has arrived in Qatar, dazzling customers with its elegant pieces and high-quality materials.

ELIE SAAB Maison’s international development plan continues right on schedule. After the openings in Milan, London, Dubai, Beirut and, recently, Paris, it is now the turn of Qatar, another strategic market for the brand. The space has opened in partnership with Tivoli Furniture, a reference point in the luxury interior design sector since 1978.

“Qatar has always been an important market for ELIE SAAB. Our desire was to immerse our customers even further into our personal lifestyle vision, providing them with an all-encompassing experience. said Elie Saab Jr., the CEO of ELIE SAAB.

“The maison collection pieces are born from the same ideals, commitment and craftsmanship that we have always invested into the brand’s creations. The presence of a prestigious partner such as Tivoli Furniture is a further guarantee that this goal will be achieved,”

A dedicated space of 150sq/m has been created on the ground floor of Tivoli’s prestigious showroom located on Al Rayyan Al Qadeem Street near Al Rayyan Park, in the country’s capital, Doha. The space includes two large living areas, a dining area and a suite, to which accessories such as rugs, lighting and textile products have been added, all of which scream luxury and the highest quality of materials. The unique and individual style of the brand involves inspiration from a particular city dear to the designer: Paris. From herringbone wooden floors to high ceilings that allow light to float in and the beautiful arches that separate the rooms and frame the ELIE SAAB Maison logo, Paris is at the heart of everything the brand creates.

“We arrive in Qatar following a precise strategy, the same one we adopt in all the countries we decide to enter and which involves building a project together with an exceptional partner, to whom we can bind ourselves exclusively, creating value around the ELIE SAAB Maison brand. We are very happy with the Tivoli Group alliance and to be able to count on a 40-year-long experience in one of the key markets for the brand,” said Massimiliano Ferrari, President of Corporate Brand Maison (Elie Saab’s expansion arm). ✤