Kalvin Ng found just what the ‘doctor’ ordered at eforea spa at the Hilton Doha.

Eforea spa at Hilton Doha

At the end of a long and busy week at work, my inner doctor sensed the stress and prescribed me a much-needed spa day at eforea, the signature spa of the Hilton Doha in West Bay. Located in a quiet corner of the hotel, eforea offers a range of treatments including facials, wraps and traditional massages. My prescription called for a 50-minute signature massage and a dynamic resurfacing precision peel facial.

Check-in was fast yet still friendly and welcoming. My therapist, Kwan, introduced the spa’s facilities before leading me to one of the eight treatment rooms. After a quick chat about the two treatments I was about to receive, Kwan began with a soothing lemon and ginger foot bath, to wash away the stress, before offering me a choice of massage oils. I opted for lemongrass.

Eforea spa at Hilton Doha

Low lighting and soothing music created a calming atmosphere. As we began the massage, I mentioned that I would like to focus on my stiff neck and shoulders – a common ailment of desk jockeys who spend hours hunched over a computer. Kwan obliged by expertly kneading away the knots all over my body with just the right amount of pressure, finishing with a head massage. Fifty minutes passed by blissfully. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. Eforea spa Hilton Doha also offers volcanic stone and Thai massages up to 80 minutes long, as well as targeted, 25-minute massages for neck, head and shoulders; and foot reflexology – perfect when you are pressed for time, but still want to pamper yourself. The massages incorporate a range of techniques, from Chinese acupuncture to the much-loved Swedish.

The 60-minute dynamic resurfacing precision peel facial featured products from the British luxury skincare brand Elemis. My therapist Kwan studied the concerns on my face and tailored the products to suit my needs. They included a soothing, anti-ageing face wash; a deep cleansing balm; and a resurfacing face mask to remove excess sebum. Kwan noticed my face’s uneven skin tone and blemishes and decided to use a resurfacing serum to help balance out the skin. After such a deep cleanse, Kwan told me not to be alarmed if I saw a few spots of acne over the next couple of days, as the skin continued to purge the toxins that had been lying beneath the surface. That was to be expected.

Overall, the treatment was relaxing, adding an extra layer to the pampering I had already experienced and my face felt exfoliated, balanced and smooth afterwards.

Other facial options on eforea’s menu include an anti-ageing collagen treatment; a superfood pro-radiance treatment to rejuvenate the skin with nutrition; and a facial for sensitive skin. Eforea spa Hilton Doha’s therapists therapists are on hand to tailor the treatment to your needs and indulgences.

With the treatments now over, I maintained my state of bliss by relaxing in the post-treatment room on a lounger with a cup of peppermint tea. Guests can also relax in the sauna and steam room.

Eforea spa at Hilton Doha

Eforea spa Hilton Doha promised a place like no other, where guests can reconnect and re-emerge brighter. My experiences delivered on that promise, all within a calming atmosphere where I could leave all the stresses of everyday life behind. I am already trying to decide on my next treatment: a Frangipani wrap or honey hammam, perhaps? Or maybe even a trip to the VIP room with Rasul mud chamber. Whatever I choose, I’m confident I will be in expert hands. ✤