If the time is ticking, browse through these easy costumes we’ve ensembled for you here for your convenience.

The spooky October season lets everyone embrace the impossible. With gatherings happening and fancy-dress competitions in the school — either you’re dressed up as an 80’s rock legend or going absolutely minimalistic with some pop culture influence. We’ve got you covered either way. There’s an absolute freedom with picking out your costume. But also, if the time is ticking, browse through these easy costumes we’ve ensembled for you here for your convenience. These DIY’s can be made with supplies already at your home.

Now all you have to do is work your way through the ideas until you something that defines you!

Snow White:

You don’t need Grumpy, Bashful or another one of the seven dwarves by your side to pull off this enchanting costume. Just grab a wig, ruby red lipstick, blue shirt, and yellow skirt for a DIY Snow White costume. Grab a fresh apple before you head out the door to really slip into character!


Don’t throw out your broken umbrella just yet! Cut it in half and use use black safety pins or hot glue to attach it to the arms of a black hoodie. Fasten the hinges of the umbrella pieces with black electrical tape, so you can open your wings to get the full bat effect. Finish it off with black foam ears, dotted with black feathers.

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You can literally make this costume a minute before you walk out the door. A+ for hilarity, but maybe not effort.

Instagram Filter:

At this point, there are zillions of Instagram filters to choose from, but the original ones are still instantly recognizable. Pull up Instagram stories on your phone and select one of the OG filters, including the dog. Point your phone to a blank surface like a table or wall, and take a screenshot. Print the screenshot on a thick board and cut out the middle to fit your face. Complete the look by adding makeup and accessories to mirror the filters.

‘Men in Black’:

Couples and BFFs can easily recreate the iconic movie look with all-black suits, ties, sunglasses and — if you have one — a pup!

Bernie Sanders Wearing His Mittens:

There’s nothing cozier than a pair of knitted mittens … and a puffy winter coat. Take inspiration from Senator Sanders’ outfit and pay homage to the Bernie meme with this warm costume. All it takes is a jacket, a mask, glasses, and most importantly, those mittens.

Ghost of Internet Explorer:

After more than 25 years, the internet browser we’ve all come to know (but not necessarily love) will be put to rest. Or rather, it won’t be supported by any Microsoft online services like Office 365 and Outlook starting on Aug. 17. After that, Internet Explorer will be officially retired on June 22, 2022.

Dress up as the ghost of the browser of internets past this year with a sheet, lantern, and Internet Explorer logo pasted inside the lantern.


Hopefully we’ll be able to travel more in the coming year, but until then, we can play tourist. If you’re an unexperienced traveller, lean into it — the more maps, bucket hats, and touristy shirts you have, the better for this Halloween costume. Bonus points if you look lost.

Clark Kent/Superman:

When you’re scrambling to find a good last-minute Halloween costume, this idea will save the day. This classy DIY costume requires your civilian clothes plus a Superman shirt underneath to transform you into everyone’s favorite superhero.

Scuba Diver

If you have a snorkel and goggles stuffed in the back of your closet—or can pick them up in an off-season sale—you’ve got most of what you need to make this awesome costume for the kiddo.