Your quarantine and self-isolation period at home can be production. Go all Marie Kondo and declutter your home to feel more at ease.

Do you look around your home or bedroom and feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you’ve accumulated over the past few months? Amidst the growing anxiety over the spread of Omicron virus and the possibility of having to self-quarantine at home is becoming a nationwide concern. What to do at home during isolation? Is that a question running in your mind? Although we know it can stressful and boring — and eventually you’ll get to the last episode of your favourite TV Series and show. But it doesn’t mean you can be productive. You can go all Marie Kondo and declutter your home to feel more at ease.

Here listing a few tips for you!

De-clutter your kitchen cabinets:

What better time than to finally fix up those cupboards than during a quarantine? Keeping your kitchen clutter-free can be a challenge because so many different activities occur there—cooking, eating, and socializing. As a result, the kitchen has many different types of items stored in it. You can choose to declutter your kitchen by focusing one category of item at a time. Throw out Tupperware you never use, organise that ‘everything’ drawer and get rid of any random bits and pieces that really have no place in the cutlery section.

Living room fiasco:

The living room is one of the hardest rooms in your home to keep neat on a daily basis. That’s because it gets a lot of use and living rooms don’t usually offer a lot of storage features. You may have some bookcases and a TV console, but they don’t hide much. The key is to:

  1. Decide on permanent storage spaces for commonly used items such as remote controls, magazines, and books.
  2. Declutter this space regularly.

Start with bookcases, console, and side tables. Then move onto your coffee table and entertainment center. Empty them, assess the items they store and then return them to their proper storage spaces.

Amp Up Under-the-Sink Storage:

Instead of filling up your precious vanity space, take advantage of the space below the sink with labelled baskets, bins, or stackable plastic drawers. Decide what’s worth keeping by following HGTV and DIY Network’s Matt Muenster’s trick: “Tuck everything away out of sight and watch what builds up over the next two to three days. Those items are worth keeping in an easy-to-reach spot. Everything else should be packed away.”

Make your bed (for starters):

Making your bed is the simplest thing you can do to make your bedroom look instantly clean and put together. In most bedrooms, the bed takes up the single largest percentage of space. So just by pulling your covers up and fluffing a few pillows, your room will look instantly more pulled together and polished. Think about how good it feels to check into a nice hotel. Why not create a relaxing sanctuary in your own home? You get to decide how your space looks and feels, so make it feel as lovely and restorative as possible!.

Organise your wardrobe:

Marie Kondo will be so proud. Say goodbye to some of those old pieces you just don’t need anymore. However, be wary of donating anything you’d touched during a quarantine period. Instead, store away in bags until well after the virus has passed.