Since we’re always looking for ways to look eventready, FACT’s Anushay Taimur Khan headed to Chic & Posh Beauty Lounge to get her fix for the day…

L ocated right behind Landmark Mall, Chic & Posh is exactly what comes to mind when you hear the salon’s name. From the moment that I entered the place, a beautiful golden stencil of the logo welcomed me with a setting that could only be found in books. A pink wall mural replicated the entire look of the salon and it set the tone for the rest of the décor.

I couldn’t believe that a small villa could hold these many services. From eyebrow and eyelashes, to nails and hair, hammam and massage, your dream salon is right here! I had chosen to get their highly recommended 3D eyelashes, a facial and a massage; something that I was very eager to try out. I prepped for the Candle Massage, a new experience that I wanted to test out. A shea butter candle was used where melted wax was the potion of choice and used as an oil that was lathered on my body. This new experience was a ride of its own and after a few oohs and aahs, I finally settled in the warm candle wax. The music, the room and the soothing hands of my therapist almost put me to sleep, relaxing me for the entire day.

Once done, I went to the facial room and saw that they were using Biologique Recherche so I knew that my sensitive skin was not going to take the hit. However, the product was not the highlight of the next hour, Maricar was. She examined my skin and told me the major three problems included pigmentation, and a mix of oily and dry skin. A special serum was mixed for my face and honestly, the result was glowing, even skin. I owe you a special thank you Maricar!

Later, I got introduced to Meriam, their 3D eyelash expert who simply impressed me within the first 15 minutes. She and I had a detailed conversation about her eight-year long experience and how she will help me with my issues of getting eyelashes. I told her that I LOVED the extra drama look but couldn’t help and get rid of the lashes within 10 days since the extensions tend to clamp together and the glue becomes really uncomfortable. She assured me that she would be looking into all of these factors and I decided to trust her.

Before she started the process, she asked me if I wanted a C or a D curve which had me really confused. She informed me that the curve decided the curl of the lashes and I could be as dramatic as D or a little subtle with the C. Well, drama and I have a long relationship so I went for the D. However, Meriam told me that she would be using both C and D level curves to compliment my natural lashes. I expected to wait for a good two boring hours for the process but the music, Meriam’s conversation and expert, swift movements made this entire experience all the more fun. During this time, she also told me that she was using lashes seven to 11. Now that’s some beauty jargon I have never heard and really appreciated! After 45 minutes, I got to see the difference between my eyes; one with the extensions and the other natural one. If you haven’t tried lashes before, you definitely need to give it a try because your entire face gets a lift and you look fly all the time! I was exceptionally happy with the result because I didn’t even feel like there was anything extra on my eyes. Apparently, these glamorous beauties are supposed to last two months!

I was about to walk out of the eyelash room when I got introduced to Pinky who advised me to try the 3D eyebrows another day. Since I got the facial the same day, she couldn’t do the procedure and I excused myself because of the tight schedule I had. However, ten minutes into a conversation with her, I booked myself another visit to the salon.

The second day that I went there, Pinky explained how she was going to use my natural eyebrows to give a fuller look by using serums and eyebrow dye. She promised me that no machine or tattoo was going to be used for this. Her movements were so light I think I got to get a quick nap in between and woke up with a full-blown classy look. I cannot tell you the difference to my face especially because of the 3D eyelashes and eyebrows. I got to the hair dressing department and settled for a quick blow dry for an event later and they made sure that my volume stayed. A curling iron and a blow dryer were my best friends for the day and I simply walked out of Chic & Posh Beauty Lounge, ready for my events and feeling glamorous by applying very light makeup – that is the beauty of the extensions!

The amount of knowledge and step-by-step instructions by the staff is definitely what makes the salon stand out for me. From the minute you enter the main gate, the setup, the staff and the services that follow give you a wholesome experience which comes highly recommended from my side. ✤