Natthapong Manothitikul, or Chef Torr as he’s fondly known at Thai Kitchen, discusses classical cooking techniques and his favourite beauty spot in Doha.

Chef Torr, you began your career more than a decade ago in Dubai, why did you decide that this was the profession you wanted to go into?
Because I love cooking and creating new recipes and it makes me happy to see guests enjoying my food. While I was working in Dubai, I was introduced to a wide range of foods, spices and flavours that I wasn’t familiar with. As a result, different cuisines and ingredients have now become alternatives in my style of cooking. Classical techniques are still the basis for my cooking but I enjoy a continuous journey of self-improvement.

You’ve created a new menu at Thai Kitchen at Centara West Bay, what can diners look forward to?
Guests can expect the authentic taste of Thai street foods at Thai Kitchen, using fresh and premium quality ingredients that are available locally. Each dish has been lovingly made and has unique characteristics. Exploring the Thai Kitchen menu will take you on a culinary journey across Thailand’s four regions with distinct flavours beautifully served at your table.

What is your signature dish and what makes it unique?
There are numbers of signature dishes at Thai Kitchen ranging from classic Pad Thai noodle to Tom Yum Soup. However, I would recommend trying one of our famous local Thai speciality dishes like Khao Soi, which is a curried noodle soup. It’s a deliciously rich, creamy, slightly spicy yellow curry dish originating from Northern Thailand. This dish is cooked with tender braised meat (chicken or beef) in a coconut curry broth with boiled and fried noodles. You can have it with various vegetable and spices including coriander, lime and pickled vegetables. Using cooking techniques and fresh ingredients, this dish is perfect to taste, smell, and touch.

When you’re not creating exquisite Thai feasts, how do you enjoy your time off in Doha?
I like to go to different cafes in Doha and explore various dishes from street food to fine dining. I also like to search for new products which inspire me to create new items for our menu. Sometimes, I walk along the Doha Corniche in the morning, onto the pier where groups of fishermen sit on the boardwalk, offering fresh seafood. This waterfront space is one of my favourite spots for watching the sunset and the city skyline in the evenings. ✤