Areewan Larpnikornkul, Chef de Cuisine at The Asian Kitchen InterContinental Doha – The City, talks pride in her team and sharing the food experience.

You’ve achieved tremendous success in your career, what first inspired you to become a Chef?
I was first inspired by my love of tasting foods when I was a little kid. I would experiment with the flavours of different foods and combinations of ingredients, and the kitchen always allowed me to do that. When I got older, I realised that this was more than just a hobby; it was something I wanted to do as an adult. I started working as a chef, which allowed me to not only make delicious food but also share that experience with other people.

You’ve been working in the Middle East for some time, in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and in Doha, what do you enjoy about working in the region?
I enjoy the multinational diversity of the people here. And while learning culinary and management skills, I get to learn how they use those skills here. In addition, I’ve developed people skills, particularly here in the Middle East, where there are different customs, traditions and ways of working with people. It’s all been a great experience for me.

You’ve won a number of awards, including some Fact Dining Awards, which ones are you most proud of and why?
Honestly, all of them. It is evidence of hard work, dedicated people and a commitment to the presentation and delivery of wonderful food. And I am also very proud that I get to work with a group of dedicated team members who make all this possible.

What are your favourite signature dishes?
I would say my favourite is the Thai Beef Salad. I love the combination of the cool, crisp vegetables and the hot, spicy beef. It’s a great balance of flavours and textures.
My other favourite dish is the Pho Bo Noodle Soup. It’s a traditional Vietnamese dish made with rice noodles, meatballs, and broth. I love that it has so many different layers of flavours and can be customised to your own preferences.

You recently joined InterContinental Doha – The City as Chef de Cuisine, what are your favourite items on the menu and are you planning on making any changes?
I have my favourite dishes in each category, but I do love to create new dishes. We try to keep our menus fresh by adding new items every quarter. The inspiration comes from what my customers tell me they want more of or less of when they come into the restaurant. ✤