Chef and founder of Fiko Doha, Fikret Aydogdu discusses the success of his family business as he opens the first branch outside of Turkey.

You and your siblings grew up around your father’s restaurant in Turkey and each specialised in one area of the culinary profession. What made you choose cooking?
We grew up working in the restaurant, first in the kitchen, then greeting customers at the door, before becoming waiters. We gained a lot of experience working at the restaurant and I loved to cook because I enjoyed food so much. I have an undeniable addiction to good cuisine, so when I see food being served to visitors in a beautiful way, I become excited. I have always taken great pleasure in firing up the grill and adding personal finishing touches like sprinkling spices on the meat, arranging the grill and I like to hand-deliver it to my customers.

Where did the idea for Fiko come from and what can diners in Qatar expect to see from the restaurant?
My brother Ugur and I have always wanted to own a successful restaurant that would reflect our values and beliefs of being modern souls offering impeccable style and exquisite taste in food. Once the opportunity presented itself, we seized it and our top priority was to create a restaurant that would always improve and maintain the best levels of service, presentation and flavour. We’ve always had intentions to grow, so, after Izmir, we launched in Yeniköy and then, in response to popular demand, we opened up the Bodrum branch. Our newest restaurant is Fiko located in Msheireb Downtown and we guarantee the best quality service, personal service and an array of sumptuous Turkish dishes.

Will you be sourcing ingredients locally or will they come from Turkey and what do you think about sustainability in the kitchen?
There are some unique ingredients in our food that are only found in Turkey but we are also trying local products in Qatar. As long as we don’t compromise the calibre of the meal offered, we are pleased to use locally sourced ingredients if the flavour is practically identical to what we have in Turkey. Every dish is tested in the kitchen before service, and if it doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t serve it. We assure the highest standards of food quality because we treat our customers like family.

What is your signature dish and will it have a Qatari twist?
It has to be the Fiko chicken wings! I’ve experimented with many recipes for years to make my wings stand out from the crowd. Because the wings are so tasty, many customers find themselves buying them again and again. We also offer other foods, such oven-cooked meats that we will season with a Qatari touch. ✤