Make this Eid special for your loved ones with the Danish gourmet liquorice brand

Eid Al Adha is around the corner and is a time to share special treats with family and friends. LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is the perfect gift for all the chocolate and confectionary lovers around you. Whether you chose the two famous boxes, the SELECTION BOX and the LOVE SELECTION BOX, or the single editions coming in jars, the Danish brand is the ultimate addition to the party.

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is all about generosity and sharing with your loved ones. The SELECTION BOX and LOVE SELECTION BOX, respectively sold at AED 170 and AED 180, are ideal for any gatherings. The diversity of the best flavours offered in each box is spectacular.

The crowd favourite SELECTION BOX is the perfect gift option when visiting or hosting your loved ones this Eid. The range of products available includes the initial creations of chocolate coated gourmet liquorice such as B – PASSION FRUIT. The acidity of the passion fruit, the sweetness of the white chocolate and the ability of the liquorice to unite these flavours gives a perfect bite. The irresistible D – SALTED CARAMEL is a winning combination of salted caramel and sweet liquorice. This edition is a sweet liquorice covered in caramelized dulce chocolate – flavored with crunchy flakes of sea salt.

The LOVE SELECTION BOX contains some of the Danish confectionery’s popular chocolate-coated liquorice editions and also contains two additional and exclusive flavours: STRAWBERRY & CREAM and FRUITY CARAMEL. The STRAWBERRY & CREAM gives a vibrant red strawberry aroma and a velvety white chocolate that encompasses the sweet liquorice center. The FRUITY CARAMEL is the seductive combination of salty liquorice smothered in caramelised white chocolate with layers of fruity and pungent blackcurrant notes.

If you and your loved ones do not share the same palates, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has over the years created a wide range of yummy flavours coming into individual jars to satisfy each and everyone of you.

From the iconic A – THE ORIGINAL, a delicious combination of premium milk chocolate coated liquorice and liquorice powder to F – DARK & SEA SALT, an ultimate pairing of soft sweet liquorice, smooth dark chocolate and small sea salt lakes, you and your guests will go on a sensory journey like no other.

For the coffee lovers, the C – COFFEE KIENI is the one for you. You will fall in love with the sweet liquorice coated in a blend of smooth milk chocolate and coffee collective’s coffee beans.

The X – SILVER is for those who only see the world through caramel. The sweet core liquorice of the edition is complemented by caramelized white chocolate and crunchy butter caramel swirled in sweet cinnamon sugar.

This Eid treat you and your loved ones in the best liquorice way with LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW. The one-of-a-kind experience the Danish brand brings to the party will make this Eid one to remember.