GE Profile’s new smart mixer brings top-of-the line innovation to baking.

Are you a serious baker? Then the new GE Profile Smart Stand Mixer deserves your attention. Launched at CES 2023, the mixer comes with the latest technology to deliver smart solutions and efficiency in the kitchen.

The mixer includes features such as a ‘Built-in Smart Scale’ to precisely weigh ingredients directly in the mixing bowl, so users can ensure exact measurements without the need for additional equipment.

The Auto Sense Technology works with built-in recipes in the SmartHQ app. It actively monitors changes in texture and viscosity through motor torque feedback to optimise mixing, whipping and emulsifying performance. There’s an automatic shutoff feature when the timer ends, for extra convenience and perfectly executed recipes.

The advanced digital brushless motor has been engineered to run at low temperatures and generates consistent high power to mix through the toughest batches without stalling.

The mixer can be voice-activated to connect to Alexa or Google Home and use voice commands for hands-free operation. Further, users can read every detail at a glance with a unique front-facing digital display that shows the speed, time and weight of ingredients. Included with the GE Profile Smart Mixer, the SmartHQ app has more than a dozen guided recipes that offer step-by-step instructions connected to the mixer to take users through the entire process seamlessly. ✤