Carolina Herrera’s Bad Boy Cobalt Elixir: The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

This Father’s Day, step into the electrifying world of fragrance where Carolina Herrera unleashes a storm with the newest addition to its iconic lightning bolt bottle collection: the Bad Boy Cobalt Elixir, a captivating scent that sets the bar high for Father’s Day gifting.

A companion to GoodGirl Blush Elixir, this eau de parfum is woody and aromatic with a fresh intensity. It’s a fiery blend of sage, black truffle, and resinous wood. Plus, the signature bolt bottle has been rendered in a misty, electrifying blue-to-black gradient, as if a charge of lightning just ignited the earth, leaving a trail of spicy, smouldering smoke in its wake.

Bad Boy was launched in 2019 and became an instant symbol of cool rebelliousness. With notes of smoky sage, tonka bean, and cocoa, the fragrance stood out from the fragrance crowd with a sense of mystique and complexity. Since, there have been new iterations all along the way: the ambery Bad Boy Extreme, the aromatic Bad Boy Cobalt, and now Bad Boy Cobalt Elixir.

The gravity-defying bottle itself is a feat of sculptural ingenuity — the perfect representation of the crisp, powerful scent within. “Bad Boy, which took three years to develop, has exceeded our expectations. It’s a best-seller all over the world and one of the most celebrated masculine scents,” says Carolina A. Herrera. “Creating this fragrance that reinvents the myth of the rebel, we’ve revamped the whole idea of fougère, the olfactory backbone of masculine perfumery. It’s classic and cutting edge all at once.”

Because, as we’ve always said: It’s good to be bad.

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