Hudson Tavern at the Mondrian Doha is known for great vibes and a place to indulge in burgers. FACT’s Craig Ferriman tucks into a takeaway and thinks he may have discovered one of the best burgers in town.

It’s been a long year and we’re only halfway through it. We’ve spent previously unthinkable amounts of time at home and we’re wondering if Netflix really is a bottomless pit of boredom filler. Talking to friends recently, I’ve realised that a lot of us are experiencing guilt. We’re anxious, we’re struggling to create goals and plan ahead and we’re not treating ourselves to a little luxury.

I realised what a no-brainer that is. In our pre-COVID lives, we used to spend money with abandon and think nothing of it. We’d shop in the malls, eat in restaurants with family and friends, travel abroad, go to the cinema. We were constantly parting with cash. Suddenly, my friends and I have thought, we’re in scary times, we dare not do anything fun and we must save up for when the apocalypse arrives.

Not wishing to glib but provided we play by the rules we will get through them. Meanwhile, small goals and tasty treats should be encouraged for the pleasure they bring and for something to look forward to. This is what I discovered when the Hudson Tavern delivered a takeaway dinner recently. Hudson Tavern is a popular spot at Mondrian Doha and I’ve always enjoyed it in normal times for its social vibe, walls filled with screens showing sport but also because it’s not just a good place to grab a drink, it also offers a very mouth-watering menu too. I’m a burger lover and from the moment the Hudson Tavern first opened and I ate at a stool sat at the bar there watching the Football, I remember thinking, wow, this isn’t just any old burger. I’d controversially say it might be the best hotel burger in the city. It’s definitely in the shoot out!

Having said that, I did wonder how this would translate into delivery. Mondrian Doha has given this plenty of thought and their packaging and boxes ensure that the food retains heat and flavour while on the move. I collected it from the lobby of my building and saw it came in a warming container so that it stays at a gentle heat while travelling. This is important with burgers as they can become horribly soggy and squelchy. Mine was not – strong credit to them for that.

I had some chicken wings from the appetisers part of their menu. I was excited to have wings but didn’t have high hopes as wings are a dime a dozen but these were very good. Well marinated, spicy and juicy. Very much better than your average chicken shop and they definitely got the taste buds singing. The French One was cooked to the chef’s recommendation, which was medium-well. The chef was right about that. The cheese, onions and mushrooms all complemented rather than overwhelmed. I’m never impressed by a burger that you can’t fit into your mouth. The size was handsome but not excessive. The bun was soft and fresh; neither too soggy nor too hard. It was just right. Churros were a nice sweet addition to finish with while slouching on the couch.

I really enjoyed it. A smile was back on my face and I realised that there’s nothing wrong with the occasional treat to give yourself something to look forward to!